Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lexicon: Part Eleventy (...or, Five)

And now a Very Special Sunday Post...Just when you think the children have exhausted themselves of words that aren't words at all, they come up with more. We'll put them all together into one big Children's Encyclopedia of Awesome Words, but until we do, here are Parts One, Two, Three and Four...

Chilokit: (noun) delicious treat from the cacao tree; most often found in a ring around children’s mouths

Crap Store: (noun) the inexpensive art supply establishment, of which merchandise typically lasts seventeen minutes following purchase. Parents usually encourage this particular vernacular.

Darking: (verb) what happens when the sun begins to set and it’s time to come inside; i.e. We need go have dinner. It’s darking outside.”

Hunger-burger: (noun) What mom and dad get to eat at Five Guys (assuming Lydia wasn't there first)

Macawakas: (noun) Mexican-inspired orb-shaped musical instruments filled with pebbles and shaken

Pootie: (noun) the feather stuffed rectangle one rests their head on at night; plural, pooties

Razeys: (noun) disease that the family pet can get that involves frothing at the mouth and getting shots. Variations include: ravies, radeys

Ridickulus: (noun) the molded plastic cup worn by boys to prevent injuries during sports; so named because of how it looks

Shakoondie: (unknown) describes any unknown object, smell or other mystery i.e. "Hey, what’s that unknown red stuff on the coffee table?" "Shakoondie"

Turtle Twins: (noun) the kind of twins that don't look exactly alike; they can have different color eyes or one can be a boy and the other a girl.

Vanilla Wipers: (noun) yummy little round cookies

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