Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lexicon: Part Eleventy (...or, Five)

And now a Very Special Sunday Post...Just when you think the children have exhausted themselves of words that aren't words at all, they come up with more. We'll put them all together into one big Children's Encyclopedia of Awesome Words, but until we do, here are Parts One, Two, Three and Four...

Chilokit: (noun) delicious treat from the cacao tree; most often found in a ring around children’s mouths

Crap Store: (noun) the inexpensive art supply establishment, of which merchandise typically lasts seventeen minutes following purchase. Parents usually encourage this particular vernacular.

Darking: (verb) what happens when the sun begins to set and it’s time to come inside; i.e. We need go have dinner. It’s darking outside.”

Hunger-burger: (noun) What mom and dad get to eat at Five Guys (assuming Lydia wasn't there first)

Macawakas: (noun) Mexican-inspired orb-shaped musical instruments filled with pebbles and shaken

Pootie: (noun) the feather stuffed rectangle one rests their head on at night; plural, pooties

Razeys: (noun) disease that the family pet can get that involves frothing at the mouth and getting shots. Variations include: ravies, radeys

Ridickulus: (noun) the molded plastic cup worn by boys to prevent injuries during sports; so named because of how it looks

Shakoondie: (unknown) describes any unknown object, smell or other mystery i.e. "Hey, what’s that unknown red stuff on the coffee table?" "Shakoondie"

Turtle Twins: (noun) the kind of twins that don't look exactly alike; they can have different color eyes or one can be a boy and the other a girl.

Vanilla Wipers: (noun) yummy little round cookies

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  1. bwa ha ha - in our house a pootie or pooting is the passing of gas

  2. here's another...

    glassible - anything breakable :)

  3. HAhahahaha, I love the turtle twins!

  4. Kumpin - the orange things you carve at Halloween, or make pie out of for Thanksgiving. My 2 year old son is obsessed with them, and it's usually said with an exclamation point.

  5. hangurmer-(variation of hunger burger)


    toaks- slice of bread put in the toakster and then slathered with peanut butter, jelly or butter.

    jelly bears-(gummi bears)

    stick-string cheese

    breafaks-they like "toaks"

    panks (I'm starting to get the feeling my kids have trouble with the letter T)

  6. Bud Light Beer- the ever so popular character in the Toy Story series. (Borrowed from a friend's little one.)

    Puppyback- 1. where the puppy sits in the car. 2. The compartment on the back of the tricycle.

  7. My 14-month-old is mainly doing sign language, but he thinks the sign for "please" is rubbing his leg (instead of his chest--In other news, one of his favorite signs is "dog", which is patting your thigh) and that it means "give me that." :-)

  8. Cockarado - state up north where Mama sent the annoying puppy to go live with grandma. :)

  9. Monnermonner (pronounced "maw-ner-maw-ner"): a radio device where a microphone-equipped transmitter is placed in the child's room and a speaker-equipped receiver is placed wherever parents are, usually used for observing children when they are supposed to be sleeping.

    Themonnermonner (pronounced "thuh maw-ner-maw-ner"): a device used for measuring temperature.

  10. "Have" (pronouce like rhyming with CAVE) What one needs to be in order to earn rewards, as in "Mommy, I was being have today so may I have a treat?"

    "Crack Fair" place Mom drags you to to purchase handmade holiday items. Often held in church halls.

    "Firstable" (followed by secondable and thirdable) As in "Firstable, I'm in the middle of talking so please don't interrupt me, Secondable 'I want' is not how you ask for something and thirdable, Mommy needs a freakin t-box."

  11. I so wish you could "like" these comments!
    I think I'm gonna go to a crack fair at the crap store soon!

  12. "Nake-in"~ what my child is when he has his clothes off.

  13. Hangaburger - Another variation of the hungerburger and the hangurmer

  14. I got a new one from my 2 (almost 3) year old this morning.....
    "Street Stripper" (noun): That big white truck with broom looking thingy's that cleans the streets

  15. My son used to call all construction equipment "Rock-Dozers" Also, the game played with the orange ball and nets was "buckaball"

  16. Here's one from my childhood: When my mom told me (at age 3 1/2) she was washing my infant sister's head so she did not get cradle cap, I told her I needed to wash my dolly so she wouldn't get "slipper slaps." To this day, 39 years later, when somebody in my family gets a mystery illness mom says maybe it's slipper slaps.

  17. gorilla bars -- granola bars

  18. from my sis who cannot get to you guys from her work...."It should contain donuts that are malicious, and oat pads you write on, and clastic bags or liplock bags and that wonderful cereal, Captain Cun%! OH – and I wanted to call you because Harper was telling me this morning that when he fell and broke his head, it burned the hell out of him. At which point Danny pointed out that he said a bad word and he said, “I don’t CAWE Danny, you don’t know, it HUWT wike HELL”

  19. OMG, my daughter said this one this AM and all I could think was I need to get online & post this on RFM!!

    "Sore Whore" what your hiney is after a wedgie. (I had to not laugh in hopes that she will never repeat it!)

  20. Bikelsikel: (bike-ul-sike-ul) bike

  21. A famous one in my family was when told to be careful, my older brother would reply "I *AM* be-carefulling!" (In a super-exasperated, you've-told-me-that-a-hundred-times, toddler tone of voice, I'm sure!)

  22. It affects the older generation, too. My 92 y/o GRANDMOTHER requested "calamari rings but no testicles" (tentacles)

  23. Oh, mine are getting too old for these cute things, but some of our favorites were:

    "eddo piddo" -- the small, rectangular piece of foam covered in YELLOW cloth that had been part of MY crib ensemble, which The Big One appropriated when he was still The Only One. He had to have the eddo piddo before he went to sleep.

    "hay balls" -- the large, roundish bales of hay you see in the fall in large agricultural areas of the south and midwest.

    "Cradle Crap" -- what The Little One had to have the special shampoo for, according to TBO at age 5.

    And most recently, as my brother-in-law writhed in pain after being hit by a pitched softball... my niece ran in the house to tell my sister (her mom) -- "Come quick, Daddy is having testicular difficulties."

  24. Jumpoleen - the item on which people jump and bounce around like a bunch of maniacs. (because who jumps on a tramp? I'm sure we could all think of someone!)

  25. In my house, shakoondie=schmutz or mung. :)

  26. When my now 15 yo nephew was little he used to call ketchup "Zeppa" and had a thing about the ketchup bottle caps being he would LICK them clean...even in a public diner!! Ew!!!!

  27. My son's newest:
    Girl Cheese = Grilled Cheese :-)

  28. Sorry I didn't post on this sooner ... please enjoy my daughter's favourite word!

    "Restipee" (noun) - the written instructions that tell you how to bake cookies.

  29. We always ride the alligator when we stay at a hotel.

  30. This made me so happy... *dying of laughter*. Also, it was posted on my twelfth birthday!




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