Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lexicon - Part Fo'

We're putting together a comprehensive list of the best, most hilarious and humiliating words our kids have invented or gotten wrong.  Here's the first one. And the second. And the third. Because the mommies who read this blog are the funniest people ever, here's the latest installment of their contributions:

Damnation (noun): A type of dog immortalized in the Disney classic "101 Damnations".

Zucchini (noun): A two piece bathing suit.

Cocks (noun): What you put on your feet under your shoes, comes in pairs.  Variation: stockings are "big cocks" - making for an enjoyable holiday season.

Munkin (noun): What you wipe your mouth with at the table, in the possessive form.  "Gimme back tha munkin - I gotta wipe my face off!"

Scrungebob Squirtpants (name): A cartoon character who is a yellow, square-shaped sponge who lives at the bottom of the ocean. If there is any squirting going on in those pants however, we really don't want to know about it.

Moke (noun): The thing you keep on the coffee table that makes Scrungebob turn off before you want him to. It has lots of buttons on it.

Poopalee Dot (exclamation): What you say over and over and over in your loudest outside voice when Mommy is on the phone.

Gassy Ass (expression): Thank you in Spanish.

JuMamma (noun): The article(s) of clothing you wear to sleep in.  Example: "I wanna wear my Scrungebob jumammas!"

Davey Ronda (name): The correct pronunciation for the family vehicle, incorrectly labeled by the manufacturer as a Buick "Rendevous".

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