Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lexicon - Part Fwee

We've had such a HUGE response to our kids' lexicon, we've added some more entries. If you haven't read the others, here's Part One...and here's Part Doo. Tune in tomorrow for a Special Saturday Post...

Bissucs: (noun) Small, round rolls served in the south, with or without gravy

Froggy: (adjective) Describes the weather outside when the fog hasn’t lifted. “It sure is froggy out"

Earache: (foreign country) Soldiers go there and can't come home for Christmas. See also: Again-istan.

Grumpy: (adjective) Describes the condition of a gravel road. "The road is grumpy"

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hoes: (literature) Book seven in the series by JK Rowling, when Harry gets a little naughty.

Hass: (noun) A place where pain resides or a degree of pain. When commenting to your six year old that his 2 year old sister is "being a pain." He needs to clarify if she is a "Pain in the Hass."

Hooray: (noun) On the 4th of July we watch the Hooray with all of the floats and loud fire engines. People throw candy for the kids to gather.

Nimbles: (noun) what you see if your little sister refuses to put on a shirt

Shakundah (exclamation) excited utterance for whenever you injure yourself in some way.

Socktagons: (noun) footwear that is identified by intersecting diamond-shaped patterns See also: gargoyle socks

Tentacles: (noun) the part of one’s anatomy that makes you a boy

Thumb-Toe: (noun) The big toe on your foot, opposite your pinky toe i.e. I kicked the door and stubbed my thumb-toe

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