Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lexicon - Part Fwee

We've had such a HUGE response to our kids' lexicon, we've added some more entries. If you haven't read the others, here's Part One...and here's Part Doo. Tune in tomorrow for a Special Saturday Post...

Bissucs: (noun) Small, round rolls served in the south, with or without gravy

Froggy: (adjective) Describes the weather outside when the fog hasn’t lifted. “It sure is froggy out"

Earache: (foreign country) Soldiers go there and can't come home for Christmas. See also: Again-istan.

Grumpy: (adjective) Describes the condition of a gravel road. "The road is grumpy"

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hoes: (literature) Book seven in the series by JK Rowling, when Harry gets a little naughty.

Hass: (noun) A place where pain resides or a degree of pain. When commenting to your six year old that his 2 year old sister is "being a pain." He needs to clarify if she is a "Pain in the Hass."

Hooray: (noun) On the 4th of July we watch the Hooray with all of the floats and loud fire engines. People throw candy for the kids to gather.

Nimbles: (noun) what you see if your little sister refuses to put on a shirt

Shakundah (exclamation) excited utterance for whenever you injure yourself in some way.

Socktagons: (noun) footwear that is identified by intersecting diamond-shaped patterns See also: gargoyle socks

Tentacles: (noun) the part of one’s anatomy that makes you a boy

Thumb-Toe: (noun) The big toe on your foot, opposite your pinky toe i.e. I kicked the door and stubbed my thumb-toe

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  1. and by the way, my security phrase to leave my last comment 'FOCKETTE'

    I'm pretty sure that belongs in your lexicon, and i'm pretty sure it would be -- oh crap, i've had too many gimlets to determine whether it's a noun or not -- you choose!!

  2. thumb-toe!!! My middle one says that!!

  3. These posts laugh me. Thank you for making my Friday tolerable!
    I'm going to go eat some ass cream.

  4. LOVE the tentacles. My toddler, in a fit of manual self-exploration one day, looked up with delight having discovered that "dere M&M's in dere!"

  5. I've also heard the male anatomy referred to as a "tail." Perhaps that one could go in too. lol. I love these! I can hardly wait to see what my son comes up with, my daughter is really articulate. My son, not so much.

  6. be careful with the ass cream, my 7 year old says it causes freeze brain and give you a headack

  7. Yep, my daughter thinks her baby brother has a tail =D

  8. I have a TERRIBLE potty mouth and I have a really hard time contolling it. My three year old (god love him) somehow caught on that these words are not ok to say and only uses them when telling me 'mommy, you can't say f---'. However, it seems that he understands my use of these expletives, because he has come up with his own.

    Chittymints - (expletive) used in situations where things are just not going your way. Ex.

    Mommy: B, it's time to put down the puzzle and get ready to go to bed.
    B: awwwww, chittymints.

    While searching for the lost 'k' to the letter puzzle. Chittymints.

  9. A friend of mine has a toddler son who loves Capri Sun. Smarty that he is, he realizes that a Capri Sun is not exactly a juice "box." It's a juice "bag." Only he can't say J or C properly so it's a doosh bag instead!!

  10. One daughter liked to eat Ice Kippies for breakfast. (rice crispies). Ha!

  11. Love the thumb-toe! My 4-year-old referred to his big toe the other day as his thumb-piggy.

  12. Just in: while watching a dinosaur movie two of mine (3 and 6) kept saying, "when are they going to get boned? When are they going to get boned? Mommy!!" "You know. When do they turn to bones and be extinct?" My daughter further clarified by saying, "boned is another way to say extinct." Obviously.

  13. One that my now 10YO used to say is "Commode 'n Troll", which is "remote control". Of course.

  14. When my son was about 3 he switched the syllables in "forget" producing questions like: "What did you get for, mama?" "And I got for my truck at home." It really took some brain-bending to put the syllables the right way round for comprehension.

    Oh, and he still loves bullz-doh-ers and listening to muscic.

  15. "Crap Store" The place where Mommy buys paint, ribbon and fabric. I think Daddy may encourage this one.

    "Navy Americans" People indigenous to the American continent. A side effect of Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving being covered by the Kindergarten teacher in the same month.

    "F***" What my neighbor's son calls a watch. Because it is what his Daddy says every time he looks at his.

  16. I hear thumb-toe all the time, too!

    One that I think you (and Hawk, especially) can appreciate....

    Free Pee-Pee, Yo: ArtooT2's friend. "Mama, why Free Pee-Pee Yo can talk but ArtooT2 only can beep?"

  17. Humping - (v) As in "Look mom, I humping!" while at an arts and crafts table with other small children, while using small air pumps to blow up balloons.

    We also have "T.D." (television), "chicken dots" (chicken pox)...I'm in the midst of The Blur so I'm sure there are more of these, which I'll remember when they say them. And then forget again.

  18. wah-wah (noun): the thing you put in the babies mouth to help them stop saying wah-wah-wah.

    chemanical pencil: the pencil that has lead that comes out when you push on the eraser. As pronounced by my 10 year old.

  19. You guys have done it again! I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe! When I was little supposedly I couldn't say my 'T's correctly and I added 'R's to everything so Fire Truck...became Friar F_ck! Imagine my father's surprise when I spouted that at a restaurant table when I heard sirens going by...He's never let me live that one down...

  20. I've got two for you...
    My daughter used to love to tell about those small lizards that can change color and camoflauge. That's a "chamelman". (ka-meal-man)
    Then there's my son, who is often told that he needs to behave. He frequently responds, "But Mommy, I'm am being haeve! (haeve with a long "a"). Apparently he thinks when I tell him to behave I'm trying to get him to actually be something called a haeve.

  21. in my house "nimbles" = nipplepies

  22. Lasterday - a day in the recent past, as in "but we haven't been to Chuckie Cheese since lasterday, isn't it time to go again?"

    Also, my three year old is devastated that it's not Halloween anymore. She told me that "Halloween is closed", and then she said that "trick or treating is broken".

  23. I've been stuck with a sick kid for the last few days so just saw all three of these posts--thank you for a much needed dose of humor!

    My faves from my (still sick) 2.75 yo:
    Favor (adj) - favorite
    Pank (adj) - the color pink, her favor color
    Classes (n) - sunglasses, her favor accessory. She frequently wears her favor pank classes.
    Nose hug (n) - might be described by some as an eskimo kiss
    Panky (n) - her piggy bank, which is ironically green and not pank
    Diamond Room (n) - dining room. But much more sparkly.
    Late outside - as in, "Mama, it late outside!" Now that daylight savings time is back, it gets late outside really early in the evening.

    My oldest (13 yo) still wears stubs in her ears when dangly earrings just don't work. And when she was little, we waved the amiracle flag on the 4th of July. :)

  24. My 3 yr old calls those bits of anatomy "nibbles" which of course absolutely delights his father every time he says it and all sorts of innapropriate comments are then slyly made. My older son announced one day when he was about 3 that he needed some cream because his "little twinkles" were sore.

  25. When my daughter was about 3 she came up with the 3 degrees of poop.

    1) Sharp or Pokey
    2) Slobbery
    3) Poop soup

    We would get notification on the type of poop we were going to be dealing with. She would yell from the bathroom "Moo-oom, I need wiped, it's poop soup!"

  26. I LOVE all of are a few of my favorites from my 23 month old son:

    "Opff"- When the light is no longer in the on position

    "Emmo"- the little red monster from Sesame Street

    "Hewwoooo"- that is what he calls his elephant Horton that says "Hello" he will search around the room yelling "Hewwooo" until he finds him.

    "Hi leetle leetle" while waving- a greeting to anyone he doesn't know. We think he is saying little little.

    "Bah"- Anything round that can be thrown like a ball.

  27. When her little friend hurt herself and cried, my daughter, age 2, put her arms around her friend and asked, "Feel better?" Only it came out, "Free Beer?" Hmmm, that might work!

  28. Love these!! I finally remembered a few of the better ones from my family

    Manguins (combination of Mango and Penguins) those little bits of dried, candied Mango you can buy at Costco

    Schoneys alternate name for Scones, my family loves Schoneys.

  29. fourmonsters~momma monsterNovember 13, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    My son had a number of his own words for things, but my favorites were..
    Canootees for coyotes...."sshhh~ wissin, I hear canootees" he would say it like ka-NEW-tees, (I know, canootees sounds a bit like slang for breasts...Thankfully we never saw any coyotes while out shopping and around large crowds of women!)
    Peecones for pinecones..."oh momma wook at aww the peecones the pinetrees wost!"

  30. Lasterday was a big one in our house as well....or tomorrrowday (as in the day after today)

    @Katrina: my daughter does this too....only hers is big fat snake poop, caterpillar poop, and "just yuck"

    My son called pinecones "ping pongs" forever

    Sweet Pea still calls penguins "pink ones"

  31. Got a new one for you today at the Museum of Natural History.

    Extinct : What happens when you poop.

    Here was the conversation:
    "Mommy, where are the dinosaurs?"
    "They're extinct."
    "They pooped? That's disgusting!"

  32. One of my favs - my four year old insisted on placing her own food order in a restaurant - and she proudly ordered "vagina" (Of course she meant lasagna, but I was the only one who knew what she meant.)

  33. I think "doosh bags" is the winner. LOL.

  34. My nephew is almost 3 and he says "betend" instead of "pretend" and the present tense is hilarious, as in: "Aunt B, I am bein'-tend to be Emmo. You be-tend to be Oscar."

    Also, pigs were always pig-pigs. So piggy-back rides became pig-pig rides.

    I love these!

  35. it bad that I never before realized "thumb-toes" and "pinkie-toes" are not the official names? And that, at 28, I have no idea what the toes are really called?




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