Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Very First Caption Contest: Turkey Say WHUCK?!

We let Grandmere pick because Kate & I were too busy laughing like a couple of crazed hyenas.

We are so in love with the crazy Thanksgiving turkey that Kate's mother-in-law made in the murtherfurkin dishwasher that we've decided to have a little caption contest.  Take a good, long look at the turkey's "face" and if you have an idea for a caption for this truly whucktastic photo, leave us a comment and we'll pick a winner and announce it Sunday night. 

So... What is this turkey saying to you?  We are dying to know - as most of the time the comments on this blog are funnier than the posts. The winner gets three things:
  1. Recognition as being the most clever and funny girl in MommyLand (we will even put up your picture if you want)
  2. Gets to come up with any topic she wants as a challenge post for us to write
  3. Will receive a special treat in the mail from Kate & Lydia just in time for the festive holiday season!
xo,  Kate & Lydia

PS: Also, we should say that we are fully copying the idea of a caption contest from the hilarious and awesome Mommy Shorts, who you should totally check out if you have a minute.

Here's the turkey and the winning caption. 
Grandmere roasted the turkey in the dishwasher 
and then she picked the winner of this contest.
And we let her do it...

Here are some other captions that we feel deserve recognition (and had us dying...)  Thank all of you SO MUCH for writing these. We completely loved this contest and how brilliant you all are.  And Leigh Ann, send us an email at

Best random movie reference: "There is no Turkey, there is only Zuul." - Melanie C.

Best use of the word contortionist: "Contortionist turkey had never lost a drinking contest.. till she met Kate and Lydia." - Cherie

Best True Blood shout out: "I think Lafayette says it best:"B*tch, you come in my house, you eat my food the way i f***ing make it! You understand me? Tip your waitress."  - Mama Chaos

Best use of total freaking randomness: "Don't ask me why I was stringing the lights naked, just help me get my knees outta here." -Penny Broom

Best reference to the underworld: "Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial." - Kimberly

Best UsWeekly exclusive interview caption: "First mistake - I go into a hotel room with Charlie Sheen. Next thing I know, I wake up in a dishwasher with my legs in my mouth a chatty older woman in the next room and my picture on a website. Good Gobble, no more celebrities." - Anonymous

Best alarming and somewhat threatening caption: ""My giblets are probably frolicking somewhere with your pelvic floor. So wipe that smile off your face, snitch."  - MLV

Best translated caption and also Best Star Wars reference: "Achute, my pee kasa Jabba. Ha, ha, ha!"
~spoken in Jabba the Hutt's voice...and yes, I Googled how to say "Hello, my name is..." in "Huttese".  - Kim

Best naughty caption: "Is that a baster in your apron or are you just happy to see me?" - Jet

Best Chuck Norris reference: "This photo was taken 30 seconds before dinner at Chuck Norris's house. On Thanksgiving, the turkeys give thanks to Chuck Norris or he cooks them instantly with his rage." - Kate in Michigan

Best responsive after dinner caption: "Do you have a mint?" - Erin Jones

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