Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Pregnant Chicken Hooking on a Corner - FOR US

Amy, of "famed" Pregnant Chicken would like to have a few words with you all.  Since Kate and I pretty much stalk her like we're professional athletes and she's a Kardashian ass - we were all like:  "Sure Amy! Whatever you want!  We loooooove you!"

You may remember Amy from her now infamous guest posts (things not to say to a preggo and her "oh! now I get it" moments) that are both the funniest and most popular posts in the history of Mommyland.  Also, her advice for new dads made me wet myself.


Here's the sitch', (as you may already know) Rants from Mommyland is up for "Best Overall Mommy Blog" thanks to our relentless voting that lead to their win in the Best Miscellaneous Mom Blog (only because they didn't have a "Retina Burning Awesome" category).

So they need our votes again.  Kate and Lydia are too nice to whore it up for your votes because they think it's kind of tacky so you know what, I'll do it.

We know they are the best. We know they were robbed by that rigged Babble Top 50 crap like a fat tourist in Brazil. So this is going to happen (insert Scarlett O'Hara fist shake and some kind of emotional, swelling orchestra music) because we know these woman are great, funny and look good in hot pants and they deserve to win!

[Editorial comment: About Babble... They broke our wittle hearts because they didn't pick us. Do you know who Babble is to me and Kate? JAKE RYAN.  Except not kissy kissy over the birthday cake Jake Ryan while we wear a fugly pink bridesmaid dress. Oh no. Babble is Jake Ryan after he graduates and goes to college and dumps you via answering machine when he starts rushing a fraternity and you're crushed forever and ruined for all other guys for life because he's so hot. Thanks, Jake Ryan. Thanks for nothing.  xo, K & L]

We have until midnight next Tuesday (November 23rd) to click them to victory. I've even decided that I'm going to create a different vote button everyday that will get wackier as the end of the contest draws nearer (mainly because I'll run out of ideas).

Here's the first one in honour of Lydia's True Blood obsession.

I think the next button should be "Best Overall Blog? Oh, even yesser." (Courtesy of Stark Raving Mad Mommy) but feel free to suggest others.  Just leave 'em as comments.

Don't forget they're going to still give away that iPad if they win it, so click away then leave your comment here to be added to the draw.  Now to get all misty (cue the string section), I know these girls deserve to win, you know these girls deserve to win and they make us laugh and cry (and sometimes both) every single day. I don't care if they're too polite to ask for your help again because I'm not.  So vote, and vote often, for Rants for Mommyland and make your mother, your friends and the creepy guy that hits on you at work vote too. I don't want to hear any excuses about feeding kids, possibly getting fired and needing more than 2 hours of sleep – I'm counting on you guys! After all, I didn't buy confetti canons for nothing you know!

Viva la Mommyland!!
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  1. Of course I voted...just wish I could find out a way to vote more ;) I LOVE this blog and I thank Dan from SDL for having a link to your blog.

    You guys are fantastic thank you so much for the laughs.

  2. Come ON, beeyotches! VOTE! VOTEVOTEVOTE!

    Vote like it's Obama, coated in chocolate, with at T-box in his hand, while telling jokes.

    --kate in Michigan

  3. still voting. you. must. win.

  4. You (of course) win my vote!! I'll vote often. Your blog just makes my day~~EVERY day!!

  5. Voted again. And I have to echo Katie W's thanks to Dan from SDL for turning me on to the two you. You rock my sox!

  6. I have a couple of comments about why Lydia and Kate totally deserve the award...

    1. They have made me laugh so hard I have woken my children from a deep slumber... on the other side of the house. I never laugh like that (and hope I never do again thankyouverymuch)

    2. When my website was just a struggling infant website, they (out of sheer kindness of their hearts) gave us a boost. Just because they are awesome and kind, even to complete strangers. In this day and age, that's rare.

    3. They are also up against a popular blog (not mentioning any names) owned by someone who wouldn't give us the time of day, probably because of inferior Alexa rankings at the time. So I will wear an A-frame "Rants From Mommyland" sign on the corner of Main & High street if I have to, and do the unthinkable (use the PTO e-mail list) in order to ensure that other blog doesn't win...errr, I mean...Rants From Mommyland WINS!!!!!!

    Seriously though, Lydia and Kate completely deserve this award, because they are not only brilliant and hilarious, they are just wonderful people, and they have demonstrated that again and again. Wonderful people who have the ability to make us laugh so hard we wake our children (yeah, try to tone that down a bit ladies, k?)

    I promoted them on our Facebook page:!/pages/EverParentcom/125916117419830

    Please share RFML on your facebook page or twitter and get the word out!!!!!!! Let's do this!!!! :)

  7. I voted, then I checked out a few of the blogs that have more votes. Y'all should totally be winning.

  8. Of course I voted. And you're only at 8%?!???! That's messed up.


    I haven't read any of those other blogs, but I guarantee they're got nothing on Kate & Lydia.

  9. OK, we need a voting intervention here people. It's easy.
    Step One: Turn on the kiddie crack. Have the children pick their poison. Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Mickey Mouse; it does not matter.
    Step Two: Vote and refresh the page. Vote and refresh the page. Repeat until episode of kiddie crack is over.
    Do these two simple steps at least once a day and victory shall be mine, er, I mean Kate and Lydia's. Yeah, theirs. He. He.

  10. pulling the lever as much as I can!

  11. I have been voting and refreshing like a gnat on speed, but I don't see the percentage number going up. Are we sure we can vote more than once per day?

  12. I voted, and I agree with Lisa, you should totally win! Seriously!

  13. Voted!
    They are all kinds of awesome and that Pregnant Chicken - who wouldn't want her to be their cheerleader?
    Good luck ladies, you really should have this in the bag! Love my daily fix, its so much better than drinking wine first thing in the morning (which makes for a Mommy Fail) tho I have to watch the days you make me want to pour a little Bailey's in my coffee, and follow on all your fab readers - since they are pretty cool like that.

  14. I'm with Lisa. I've been voting, voting, voting and I'm not seeing the percentage rise. How can we *know* our votes are actually being counted, hmmmmmm?

  15. I've been voting repeatedly!! Sharing you on my Facebook and will continue to vote for you every day until you conquer the world, or at least 'till you win Best in Show!! Love you both so much, Lydia your ass looks great and Kate those shoes are fierce!!

  16. You know you have my vote. rinse, repeat.
    I love the hooker button. How about one saying "OH NO YOU DI'INT forget to vote!"

  17. Voting for you gals and wishing you luck!

  18. I just voted 10 times in a row, and that silly bar graph didn't budge past 9%. Hmph. I'm going to keep it up though, because you two are the best thing happening on the whole of Al Gore's internet.

  19. I know of at least 30 new unique votes for RFML, and that 9% won't budge. I wonder how many are needed in order to make it move 1%?

  20. I voted multiple times like Eva (just to see if I could), but like her, I noticed that the little bar did.not.move...arghhh. Still at 9%.

    So, how about a "Tap it to win it" button?

  21. I really wish they would show exactly how many votes have been counted as opposed to a percentage. Still voting and wishing you ladies the best!!

  22. I voted! And will continue to do so everyday. I think if I do it at work and at home, I can vote twice a day. bring it on!

  23. Voted and voted and voted and voted...

  24. Fingers crossed for you! We gave up on promoting this one. We're happy with our best Fashion nod, so I'll be pulling for ya!! xoxo

  25. Voted! LOVE the Lafayette button! Hooker...hahaha!

  26. I just voted a few times! Can't believe y'all aren't winning. I'll keep voting the next few days! Good luck!




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