Friday, November 26, 2010

The RFM Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle! Woot!

So, now that everyone is either watching football, napping or wishing the holiday were over already, Kate and Lydia thought it was time for a little distraction. In the form of an awesome interactive crossword puzzle. That's super hard [that's what she said!] and requires you to be expert MommyLand spies. Or, here's a printable version if you're a pencil-y kind of person.

If you clink the link above, we've saved it in our Google Documents file...which makes us sound super important, but really it's just a bunch of saved emails that K&L sent to each other. We're pretty sure it will be used as blackmail someday.

Kate also got all link happy, so if you're stumped, click on the clues below and it will send you to a post that has the answer...see? Spy work. We're expecting our night-vision goggles to come any day now.


3. So called Perfect Mommy. We love her not.
6. From one of Kate's postcards; claims to be Lydia's hometown
8. What moms and Aunt Mary's give to Lydia because her house isn't quite clean
9. Kind of church where the McLovin miracle happened
11. Big tube that was suspected to be on Kate's messy desk; she texted the wrong person about it
14. What you do right before you kick someone in the taco
17. Randy and Dickie's brother; he owns The Bouncy Haus of Horror
21. Name of Thumbelina's soon-to-be band
23. Kate's favorite singer even though he kills her tomatoes
25. Patron Saint of MommyLand
27. What Kate sends to Lydia when she's away for work
30. Kid vernacular that describes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day march down a street
32. What Lydia becomes when she tries to get fancy for TV
33. Kate's favorite TV show; also, a game and punishment for the IHPs
35. Lydia's Kids are these; also, Molly Shannon
40. Where Kate had Tea with the Queen
41. Puppet that McLovin bought at a street fair because it can swallow
42. Country where McLovin goes; named by Happy
45. Name of Lydia's dining room rug
46. To make a face like Kristen Stewart; uninterested, and possibly smelly
48. Vote winner for Kate and Lydia's enrichment program
50. Restaurant where Lydia should never return
51. Holiday that is always a disappointment


1. Event Spy Kate and Spy Lydia have to save
2. Mixture of Ranch dressing and Tobasco Sauce
4. Lydia's preferred type of clothing
5. Also known as Emma on the blog, even though we prefer this semi-naughty nickname
7. Part evil, part elf celebrity; makes Lydia say "whuck??!"
10. Creator of The Bump voting buttons of awesomeness
12. Which shoe department Lefty was when he was given his name
13. Subject of the third Completely Imaginary Celebrity Advice Column
15. Part-Jedi and part-Sith exercise teacher
16. Cap'n Coupon's preferred brand of tea
18. Wears velour tracksuits and has blonde chest hair
19. Lydia's relative who sent us a gift that proved we were spies
20. Describes anything that is both strangely odd and yet compelling
22. Where Lydia took her kids to milk a fake cow
24. The name of Kate and Lydia's "child" who speaks of Badgers
26. More than Kate's daily itinerary, it's the Grand Itinerary of all the others
28. Lydia's response to "would you like more wine?"
29. Award we give out for the Worst Mother who isn't a Felon
31. Cap'n Coupon's occupation
34. Condition where the "twins" aren't looking so uniform in size
36. First person to get Maude-faced
37. So-called clothing that combines sleepwear with Levis
38. Friend of Kate and Lydia's who sings in Wegmans
39. McGee's boyfriend
43. MiniMiniMe is a [blank] baked by the devil
44. Name of Lydia's iPod and Kate's phone
47. Name of Hawk's soon-to-be band
49. Kate's preferred brand of shoes

xoxo, K&L

PS -- Kate caught two mistakes when she was playing link-every-mur-thur-fur-kin-clue-to-a-post...Number 51 Across...there's no such thing as a "Holdiday" but now we're thinking there SHOULD a holiday that puts your life on hold. Also, Number 10 Down, the awesome button designer didn't do it for the Blur. She did it for the BUMP. Kate, clearly, is in the blur...and on holdiday. So, fail.

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