Friday, November 11, 2011

The Spinal Tap Maternal Nagging Scale

11/11/11 is Veteran's Day. (Here we pause, with heads bowed, to acknowledge the awesomeness of our armed forces. And also their families, who make an equally important sacrifice for all of us. Military mommies past and present - we honor you and the fact that you are badass ninjas. Sincerely, Kate & Lydia)

For a really great post about being a mommy and a veteran, we suggest clicking over to Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy for her very cute and funny take on how Basic Training and being a mom are pretty much the same thing.

Today is also Nigel Tufnel Day. And since it only happens once, we are going to commemorate it. So we thought it would be a really good idea to share with you again the Mommyland Spinal Tap Maternal Nagging Scale. We created this with the hilarious and brilliant Pregnant Chicken (rated as Babble's #1 Pregnancy Blog in the entire, freaking world), whom we love so much that it borders on unhealthy.

Because as mommies, we nag. Not because we want to. But because apparently, you have to tell kids every day that shoes are required for school. You might think they'd know that already. But no. So here's the scale that we created that tracks how we must nag our most beloved, but often forgetful offspring.

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