Monday, November 29, 2010

Tremendous: Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

Kate was riding in the elevator at work. Her building has a lot of international people in it, particularly Brits. Which she loves because of the accents. And they seem so sophisticated. Which she tries to be. Except when she hears stuff like this and then falls on the floor.

And then they sigh and probably say to each other how happy they are we don't belong to England anymore.

Man on Elevator: I thought to myself, I'd just shake his hand and be a sport about it all. I mean, who hasn't she shagged? He scoffed me off. [shakes head in disbelief] A tremendous douchebag.

Friend: Well, if you're going to be any kind of douchebag, a tremendous one *is* the way to go.

Man: Too right. [sighs] Too right.

The. End.

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  1. I am going to pee my freaking pants...that is too funny!

  2. Worked w/some Brits once. They wanted to go to one of "those clubs" so I agreed to play tour guide. I insisted on the "Gold Standard" one in our town. They insisted on the one advertised on the gigantic billboard with a pink pony on it.

    The girls there were so ugly they kept their clothes on because NO ONE would give them money.

    Once again...who is smart? The locals or the visitors from across the pond?

  3. is it just because I am a Brit that I agree with them entirely?

  4. LMAO because what is the point of only being a "mediocre" D-bag??

  5. I chose you for the Stylish Blogger Award!
    To see what to do go:

  6. Hey - go big or stay home. If you're gonna do it, DO IT.

  7. Tremendous is the only way to go about doing anything.

  8. That is hilarious!! I laughed out loud.

  9. OMFG, this is hysterical. Of COURSE tremendous is the way to go! If you're gonna be a d-bag, then be a D-BAG! Don't half-ass it!

    Loved this. It'll keep me smiling for a while, and I'll share with Da Hubband when he gets up!

  10. Spot on!

    You should never be a douchbag only halfway.

  11. *hyperventilating* OH MY FRICK that is just too funny. Also, I've spent the vast majority of the last four days reading the vast majority of your blog from the end backwards. I'd comment more, but it's cold and I'm lazy.




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