Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If You Feel Like It - Vote For Us!

Thanks to all of you, Rants from MommyLand won the Miscellaneous category in The Bump's annual Best Mommy Blog contest!!!  Woo Hoo! We are so grateful for your votes and your words of encouragement.

We thought it was just one contest but they've thrown another one at us - all the folks who won awards for categories are now competing for Best in Show - err... Best Overall Mommy Blog. Nope. We like "Best in Show".  It makes us feel like girl dogs.  Which we certainly are.

The winner of Best in Show gets the much clamored for iPad.  Apparently, we've already won a gift certificate to Pottery Barn Kids.  We think we need to give away whatever we win (and some extra stuff) to say thank you for voting for us and also because we feel ever so slightly whorish begging for votes. Not withstanding the fact that we really are a couple of smelly pirate hookers, the act of hooking for votes doesn't come naturally to us.  And we were both scarred by high school, so we're pretty sure we're not gonna win this popularity contest.

See, some people think we're cool, like this:

Oh no. No no no.  Not even a little.

When in fact, we're more like this:

Except we're in a van. 

We're uncool, profane, inappropriate, we don't know how to tweet, we don't really know what BlogHer is, and we don't do product reviews because the only things anyone ever offers us are not things we want shipped to our homes.  And to make it worse, we started reading all the other blogs we're competing against and they's REAL MOMMY BLOGS and a bunch of them are awesome.  I'm not sure what we are.  But we're NOT cool.  And we're OK with that.

So here's what we're giving away:
  • The iPad with keydock  - if we are lucky enough to win it ourselves!
  • The Pottery Barn gift certificate
  • Anything you want from the MommyLand store for five lucky voters!
  • A custom made Rants from Mommyland item - maybe a shirt that says: "Hi! My name is {insert your name} and Kate & Lydia think I'm awesome so I told them to square up on the snitch next door and they totally did."
So if you want to vote for us, click the link below (super easy and quick - no registering or anything) and then leave us a comment.  Your comments count as entries towards winning and every comment we've recived so far has been saved.  Voting ends on Monday, November 23rd at midnight.  You can vote a couple of times per day and leave comments for every time you vote.  If you vote for us four times, add your name four times!

Thank you so, so much.  We heart you guys.

xo, Kate & Lydia

*Given how weird we feel about hooking for votes, can you imagine our surprise when our bloggy buds started sending us tons of support?  Even some of our competition!  Here's a shout out to all those people who make a sort of painful popularity contest feel like a warm, supportive community. We feel like Molly in her home-made pink prom dress.  Thanks, Ducky.
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