Monday, November 22, 2010

Voting and Hooking and An Awesome Poll

So, we've spent the past two weeks hookin' it like we're Julia Roberts, minus those boots, which were totally fierce despite being held up by a safety pin.

And even with all that spectacularness, it looks like we're gonna wind up being a little less Vivian and a little more Kit. You know, heavy breathing on countertops and letting old ladies watch.

We LOVE the Bump and we're all WOOT-y! that they let us be Most Miscellaneous in their Bloggy Beauty Pageant, but we're totally not going to win. We -- as they say in Spinal Tap -- go up to eleven. And then no more.

So we want to first, CONGRATULATE the soon-to-be-named winner. And second, send out a huge THANK YOU! and air kisses and fist bumps and not hugs and high five a million angels that voted again and again and again for us.

We would so only be at zero without you.

But, as Guru Louise so assiduously pointed out, you all went out and contracted Clicker Finger Disease for us, and *wow* we really did just stick at eleven, didn't we?

So, she told Kate -- which is dangerous to do, by the way -- that she wanted a new poll that would...well, here's what she said:

I've voted so much over at The Bump that my laptop crashed. And I'm getting miffed that your percentage isn't leaping up after all my effort. Grrrrr....
I'm not saying you aren't going to win...BUT, if you don't, I propose you create your very own poll on the blog next week to satisfy your voting readers. We need a poll that will show results that will make us all happy, Maudedammit! A poll for the RFM people. Do this: 

How do you think Lydia and Kate should celebrate coming in third (second/fourth, whatever) for Best Overall Blog?

And this is what she sent us. So, ummm, Guru Louise, you're welcome. And, thank you. Because you're pretty much awesome all the time. [Editor's Note: Especially when you order Kate around. You ballsy, girl. It probably helps that you live far away. - Lydia]

It should be noted while you're voting that while Lydia can mainline espressos, Kate never, ever, ever has caffeine. Which is good, because she's whack enough without having any extra energy.

And, for one last time, here's our final Button of Awesomeness created by the one and only Pregnant Chicken...BAWK!

Oh, and as for your case of CFD, we recommend tapping a t-box. Because that only requires a thumb.

xoxo, Kate and Lydia

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