Monday, November 22, 2010

Voting and Hooking and An Awesome Poll

So, we've spent the past two weeks hookin' it like we're Julia Roberts, minus those boots, which were totally fierce despite being held up by a safety pin.

And even with all that spectacularness, it looks like we're gonna wind up being a little less Vivian and a little more Kit. You know, heavy breathing on countertops and letting old ladies watch.

We LOVE the Bump and we're all WOOT-y! that they let us be Most Miscellaneous in their Bloggy Beauty Pageant, but we're totally not going to win. We -- as they say in Spinal Tap -- go up to eleven. And then no more.

So we want to first, CONGRATULATE the soon-to-be-named winner. And second, send out a huge THANK YOU! and air kisses and fist bumps and not hugs and high five a million angels that voted again and again and again for us.

We would so only be at zero without you.

But, as Guru Louise so assiduously pointed out, you all went out and contracted Clicker Finger Disease for us, and *wow* we really did just stick at eleven, didn't we?

So, she told Kate -- which is dangerous to do, by the way -- that she wanted a new poll that would...well, here's what she said:

I've voted so much over at The Bump that my laptop crashed. And I'm getting miffed that your percentage isn't leaping up after all my effort. Grrrrr....
I'm not saying you aren't going to win...BUT, if you don't, I propose you create your very own poll on the blog next week to satisfy your voting readers. We need a poll that will show results that will make us all happy, Maudedammit! A poll for the RFM people. Do this: 

How do you think Lydia and Kate should celebrate coming in third (second/fourth, whatever) for Best Overall Blog?

And this is what she sent us. So, ummm, Guru Louise, you're welcome. And, thank you. Because you're pretty much awesome all the time. [Editor's Note: Especially when you order Kate around. You ballsy, girl. It probably helps that you live far away. - Lydia]

It should be noted while you're voting that while Lydia can mainline espressos, Kate never, ever, ever has caffeine. Which is good, because she's whack enough without having any extra energy.

And, for one last time, here's our final Button of Awesomeness created by the one and only Pregnant Chicken...BAWK!

Oh, and as for your case of CFD, we recommend tapping a t-box. Because that only requires a thumb.

xoxo, Kate and Lydia

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  1. Or shuffle-hop-steps or step-shuffle-hop-step-flap-steps!

  2. I just want you to know that I'm not a laugh out loud person. I mean, I think stuff is funny all the time. ALL the time. But, much to my husband's dismay, I really don't laugh out loud that much. But this post was freakin' hilarious and I was laughing. Out loud.

  3. I will guarantee some of those gals are rigging it somehow. There is no way they have more readers. I read through their blogs and I'm not buying it.

  4. I voted for you again today -anyway-. It's the principle of the thing you know. So, clink! (as in glasses clinking. you know, with something classy in them. Like scotch. I don't drink wine unless I'm -really- desperate)


    Tried to vote twice for you today, but could only get one in because of my bizarre sleep schedule. And the amazing thing is that I manage to keep remembering to -tell- you about it. Seriously. The level of miraculous that that is is... (*giggle* that that is is...) ... frankly, miraculous.

    Seriously. I've got a terrible case of pregnancy brain - except I am not, nor have I ever (as of yet) been pregnant. I'm going to have like amnesia or something when I -do-... sigh...

    Well, I've thoroughly forgotten what I had originally intended to write, suffice it to say that -that- is no surprise... Anyway, have a lovely night! Love you both!

    Many hugs, much love. Clinky clink.

  5. I would kill or die to see you tap stylings to any Jay-Z song. I know it's cool to win contests and all but you all are MUCH funnier, cooler and down to earth than any of the other bloggers. Any blog that makes me pee my pants (and I'm not even pregnant) and pass it along to all of my friends...well that's the best blog in the world!

  6. I won't even lie... I totally read that first one as "tap a box" which would make this an ENTIRELY different kind of blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I totally love you guys. Sorry my whoring for you instead of my own blog didn't pay off more. I always sucked at being a whore... hence the reason I'm divorced and my ex-husband is now married to much more proficient whore. Hello!! ;) Ass slaps all around ladies.

    Single Mom Survives

  7. I voted for drunken post but ... I have to admit I'd like to see you two do a ball change. (That's what she said.)

  8. You know I'm not gonna tell Kate what's what in person. Have you seen how sharp she keeps those stilettos?

  9. That 11 thing has been bugging me too. I keep voting and you keep staying at 11. It can't be rigged can it??

  10. I hope you have video cams at the ready, because that step ball change is going to be hard to beat! And regardless of any results of any polls, know we all love you and what you do! Rant on! (Can I do metal fingers with that?)

  11. I agree with everyone else. It's a scam ;) As many times as I've voted it should be way higher!

  12. Sooo...what if you two tapped a t-box, then shot the tappin' to Jay-Z video, THEN blogged about it?
    hee hee hee
    It's the whole "tap" theme...

    Popularity contests be damned! You two are the awesomest ever! *mwah*

  13. I agree with the others that say it was rigged!!! I voted over 15 times in a row and the percentage never changed!! It was frusterating!! BUT we all know who deserved to win and thats why someone had to rigg it cuz they couldnt handle that Kate and Lydia are pure awsomness!!!

  14. I voted a billion and it still said 11%. Well, maybe like 50 or so in a row...still 11. Sigh. We love you and that's all that matters (for now)

  15. Haha...hilarious! I just voted again and your percentage has actually dropped since yesterday! Sooo how do you lose votes???....hmmm Anyway, even if you don't win you two are still the best so you win in my book!

  16. Kathy, EVEN YESSER.

    I want what she said!

  17. I agree with Kathy...let's see you tap the t-box, THEN tap dance to Jay-Z (or Usher...I can go either way)...and yes...what was up with the friggin' 11%? I voted and voted and voted! Not cool.

  18. You girls are the awesomest ever :)

  19. Yep. Tap a T-box then tapdance. But really -- can you do some more wicked photoshops with Eric Northman? And maybe with him and .... oh, me? Or maybe just him. Oooh. You can photoshop him into a tapdancing drunk picture. How Whucktastic would that be?

    (love the 'ass slaps all around' quote above)

    --kate in Michigan
    p.s. I also voted like a dead Chicagoan and no change to your percentage. Sigh.

  20. My vote is to tap a T-box and THEN video the ball changes in full tap regalia.

    :: grin ::

  21. No, no, no... Do the Venti Ralph Macchios and THEN the tapfest!! Then you'll end up like your instructor on the first day, when she tapped so fast y'all missed it. Or something.

  22. I'm with Kathy. Clearly t-box + tap dancing should have been an option. Can't wait! Eeeeeeeek!




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