Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Voting is Over but the Buttons Continue...

Amy of "famed" Pregnant Chicken made us a bunch more buttons last night and just because the voting for The Bump's Best in Show Mommy Blog is over (oh thank Maude it's all over) doesn't mean we shouldn't share them with you.  Because these buttons and all the other amazing shows of support we received have been the very best part of this contest.  Yes - we got our aces kicked and lost by a landslide -- but that doesn't even matter. 

Thanks for helping us out and please know - our hooking days are OVER.  We're so grateful for your votes and the time it took you to click 'em but this blog is about what we can do for you - not the other way around.  Also, it's about keeping our sanity when we feel overwhelmed and unappreciated and like nobody else gets it.  The idea that you guys get it and don't think we're crazy and can laugh with us...  That's more important than any popularity contest.  Besides, we've spent our entire lives being dorks and it's a little late to change that now.

Anyway, here are the last of Amy's awesome blog buttons - enjoy!  And you don't even have to click on anything!

xo, Kate & Lydia

PS: Thanks again, Amy.  You're the coolest, most talented, hilarious and generous person we've never met and we can't believe you're friends with us.  You should be hanging out with an international group of hipsters.  It should be you, David Sedaris, Alexander Skarsgaard, Flavor Flav and Carla Bruni.  And you'd all go on vacation together and work on projects and have cocktails at trendy hotspots.  With us on the outside staring at you with wide, sad eyes - wondering why you won't return our emails now that the cool people have discovered you and stolen you from us.  Also, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but we can't because you're Canadian and it's against the law.

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  1. You may be dorks, but you're MY dorks! I love ya, ladies and you're both winners in my book.
    Let's pop a t-box and have a few!

  2. The buttons were truly a triumph and a testament to your greatness by the awesome Amy. Congrats on being on any list, but mostly the rest of us are just jealous that you each get to do this with your best friend ... and there is 'reward' enough!

  3. well I believe the whole contest was rigged. Yup (that's what she said). My trigger finger is on strike now and I may not be able to cook turkey dinner now, but hey....we all tried to get that stupid line to MOVE. As for not winning...ha! You're both winners in my book! I don't think I could get through my mornings without a hit from the RFML. If I don't feel sane, I at least feel part of a family of semi-sane women just like ME! hahahahahahahahaha

  4. #2 (or whatever) at The Bump, #1 in our hearts. Rock on, Ladies!!

  5. Amy. is. awesome. And you guys aren't bad either--you got my votes for sure, hooking or no.

  6. The finest hipster Dorks, evah! Yesh! And even Yesser!
    Love you guys!

  7. 'Tap it like a T-box' is still my favorite! :)




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