Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is THAT?! Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

I’m switching channels last night and I stop on Transformers 2. My old fashioned, buttoned-up, sweet and dear husband (the incomparable Cap’n Coupon) suddenly blurts out:

“Oh my! Who is THAT?”

I explained about Megan Fox. It didn’t take very long.

“She’s really very… extremely… wow. That’s a pretty girl.”

Now I’m laughing at him because he’s all red-faced and sputtering. But I understand. I’m grateful the movie theatre was dark the first time I saw Daniel Craig because I nearly passed out. I decided to tell the Cap’n all he really needs to know about Miss Megan.

“Darling, she’s married. Can you guess who she’s married to? It’s an actor. We used to watch him on an old TV show that we still talk about sometimes.”

“I have no idea. Wait. Is it Lorne Greene?”

“No dear, he’s dead. But you're very, very close. Good guess. One of his three names is the same! Brian. Austin. Green.”

“Holy Mackeral! David Silver? How is that even possible? Was she hired by Bill Gates or David Carradine to give hope to skinny nerdy guys everywhere?"  He then shook his head, "no, that can't be it…”

He spent the rest of the night smiling and shaking his head and muttering things like: “David Silver… You old dog...”

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