Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is THAT?! Funniest F**king Thing I Heard All Day

I’m switching channels last night and I stop on Transformers 2. My old fashioned, buttoned-up, sweet and dear husband (the incomparable Cap’n Coupon) suddenly blurts out:

“Oh my! Who is THAT?”

I explained about Megan Fox. It didn’t take very long.

“She’s really very… extremely… wow. That’s a pretty girl.”

Now I’m laughing at him because he’s all red-faced and sputtering. But I understand. I’m grateful the movie theatre was dark the first time I saw Daniel Craig because I nearly passed out. I decided to tell the Cap’n all he really needs to know about Miss Megan.

“Darling, she’s married. Can you guess who she’s married to? It’s an actor. We used to watch him on an old TV show that we still talk about sometimes.”

“I have no idea. Wait. Is it Lorne Greene?”

“No dear, he’s dead. But you're very, very close. Good guess. One of his three names is the same! Brian. Austin. Green.”

“Holy Mackeral! David Silver? How is that even possible? Was she hired by Bill Gates or David Carradine to give hope to skinny nerdy guys everywhere?"  He then shook his head, "no, that can't be it…”

He spent the rest of the night smiling and shaking his head and muttering things like: “David Silver… You old dog...”

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  1. Gotta love the Cap'n

  2. show him a picture of megan Hands. She has an horrible thumb. I know I'm a bitch but she is "almost" perfect so I have to look her "ugly" side or will envy her to much ;) LOL

  3. I always thought David was pretty hot... well, maybe not in the first 3 or 4 seasons... but definitely near the end! lol. And Meagan?? well, she's plastic. A robot. Cap'n knows that now, though... right?? ;)

  4. lol! I think my Cap'n and I both had that reaction when we saw her for the first time. She's kinda ridiculously good-looking.

    All of my good pregnancy dreams were about Daniel Craig. It's reason enough to almost make me want to be pregnant again... almost.

  5. Ok. Sabrina made my night. She has special thumbs. Not attractive at all thumbs. Thank you, Sabrina.

  6. I dunno. have you SEEN David Austin Green lately? That episode of Desperate Housewives when he first took his shirt off..... that is no longer a geeky kid...... And Megan Fox just annoys me. period

  7. You really want to make his night, tell him the guy has a kid with Vanessa Marcil, and show him a photo :) WAY hotter than Megan Fox.

  8. I became a die hard fan of Daniel Craig whilst pregnant with number one (Busy). We went to see his first 007 film right around Christmas. Even taped naked to a chair and being tortured I loved him........good thing indeed those lights were dim. I'm guessing the drool was a bit shiny in that light....

  9. She is pretty awesome looking (I'm totally out of the loop and would have replied with something like "umm, a really pretty girl?"). However, in that last shot she's just barely stopping short of stamping 'mine' on his forehead, so I think we can take it as a given that he's taking care of whatever business she needs taken care of.

  10. Sabrina no joking.

    Girl has serious fugly thumbs.Both of them. Like toenails.

    I remember being all shocked at the ugliness of her thumbs in the Transformer movie.

    It almost burned my retinas with the ugliness.

    You can even google "Megan Fox has ugly thumbs."

    It's there.

  11. omg! sabrina...i looked for a pic of her thumbs....i kind of threw up in my mouth a little....feel so much better now,at least I have normal thumbs...

  12. Wow. HA! I guess guys don't care about a girl's thumbs. She could always wear mittens.

  13. I happen to share my name with this young plastic robot...It's kind of embarrassing when people see her name on my credit card. I feel like this 40-something mom of two must somehow disappoint the 23 yr old waiter. Then I remember that she's a bad actress and that I am MUCH smarter than she! Megan Fox
    p.s. One more thing, I have much cuter thumbs!

  14. Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs, as do I. My husband and I call them my "thumbies". After a 45 minute C-Section with my daughter, even though I was still whacked out, my first question was "Does she have thumbies?" She doesn't so it must skip a generation! While I'm glad she doesn't have them, they aren't ugly and totally useful as they are still opposable.

  15. I am even more impressed with the fact that YOU had the remote!! That ranks you much higher on my list than any actress with opposable (& ugly) thumbs. :)

  16. I suppose I'm the only one who ever saw Brian Austin Green on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? He was actually kind of bad-ass and hot and I've almost forgotten that he was David Silver to begin with!

  17. Stop picking on her thumbs, guys - it's not like she can do anything about them! I don't know why we, as women need to find something to say to bring another woman down. I have thumbs like hers and was bullied all through school about them. I was proud of them because they were the same as my grandfathers and I could say that at least I knew I wasn't adopted...




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