Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner!

So, remember when you voted eight hundred and forty-kajillion times on The Bump and it totally didn't matter? Yeah, we do too. Good times.

But, as promised, we drew names of the winners today. *TA-DAA!!!!!* Which really means we acted stupid on camera. Usually we just do it live and there's no repeats.

You'll notice that our amazing technical skills with Kate's Precious made it so the last thirty seconds are out of sync. Which just goes to show that Kate should never have the job that she does. We also swing the camera around like a dad who just took a baseball in the jewels, so if you're slightly prone to nausea, you might wanna skip that part. Again, Kate's total inability to edit. Really? She works in television? [Editor's Note: We have editors. I'm the producer. I'm totally extraneous to the process. Duh. - Kate.]

So, here's the awesome video...with the weird Japanese Kurosawa bad dubbing whacktacularness at the end:

Or, if you just wanna know if you won, here's the list with times and dates of your comments:

Pottery Barn $50 Gift Card: Mary Kate (November 14th at 10:27pm)
Custom Designed MommyLand Store Item: CapaGrl/Theresa McCloskey (November 14th at 9:56pm)
MommyLand Store Item: Photo Mom (November 15th at 9:03am)
MommyLand Store Item: Shultz Family (November 15th at 12:40am)
MommyLand Store Item: SassyShortGirl (November 15th at 8:36am)
MommyLand Store Item: Maura Woodard (November 14th at 10:25pm)
MommyLand Store Item: Lisa Ager (November 15th at 12:11am)

Winners...e-mail us at lydia.and.kate@rantsfrommommyland.com and we'll get your prizes to you! Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who voted. And now we're off to the free clinic for some good antibacterials after all that hooking we did. They didn't cover this part in Pretty Woman.

Kate & Lydia

(c)Herding Turtles, Inc. 2009 - 2010


  1. seeing your faces make you seem more real and not a figment of my imagination!

  2. omg whats up with its a dog's world in mommy land ?? LOL that is a crazy video!!

  3. there seems to have been some sort of mistake, as i do not see my name anywhere on that list...

    lol, congrats to all (&RFM *totally* should have won!)

  4. AAH I'm a winner!!!! I never win anything!!! YESS!! Thank you!! Emailing you now!!! :D And OF COURSE y'all TOTALLY should have won!!!

  5. You ladies are adorable. ADORABLE, I tell you. Sorry you didn't win. You totally deserved Best in Show.

  6. RuthieQueenOfAllThingsProcrastinationNovember 30, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    Bummer - I really wanted a coffee something-or-other emblazoned with "WHUCK?"

  7. I *heart* you guys! Thanks for the laugh.

  8. Lydia - you looked fabulous despite Jillian..

    Kate - wow, you are simply gorgeous..

    Loved the video, congrats to all the winners!!

  9. I so heart the video! And good for you Lydia to do the Jillian thing before the drawing! Y'all rock & don't need no certificate to prove it.

  10. GAH! I freakin' WON something!!!! As if it were even possible, I love you two gals even MORE! THANK YOU!!!!

  11. Dude. You look all skinny. What's your secret?

  12. I totally LOVED the video!!! You guys are hysterical! In written word...AND on film! LOL you should do a short film. hee hee Add in shopping of t-boxes and clogs. Steller! LOVE you guys! but not the creepy stalker type of love. :)

  13. I completely geeked out when I realized I won and, of course, had to give a shout-out on Facebook about my *big win*. The next day at work I even had a co-worker come and do an embarrasing celebratory dance right at work. It. Was. AWESOME!




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