Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big News! We're Getting Sort of Professional...

We have news!

Recently we began stalking contacted an editor at The Washington Times, which is one of the big newspapers in the metro DC area (where we live).  Shockingly (and unlike their stodgy and constipated cousin The Washington Post) they actually liked us. And guess what happened next?  They offered us an on-line columnWe know.  They are obviously either the awesomest paper in the entire world or totally desperate for content.  We think they're AWESOME.

So we are so proud and excited to tell you that we are now columnists for The Washington Times Communities. That means we'll be writing stuff for their on-line Family section.  Like WE'RE GROWN UPS.  Like we know what we're doing.  Whatever, they'll find out soon enough.

The column is called Maternal Ammunition and it will offer "tips, advice and silliness for parents trying to negotiate the treacherous waters of raising kids and saving their sanity".  You can find our first piece right here.

So now in addition to the goofiness we spew in MommyLand, you can find our rantings on The Huffington Post and The Washington Times Communities.  We're really happy and feeling very lucky.  Thank you so much for being here - you'll never know how much you all mean to us.

xo, Kate & Lydia

PS: The unbelievably phenomenal logo? That was Pregnant Chicken - who has totally blown up in the blogospere and is now huge and technically too cool to hang out with us anymore and yet still does *and* found time to do this for us because she's amazing and talented and generous and hilarious and we love her so much.  Sniffle.  Oh! And have you seen her awkward pregnancy photos post? You'll make in your pants.

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