Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caption Contest: Back Door Friends

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Our friend Shelley emailed us this picture of something she got for Christmas.  WE LOVE IT SO MUCH.  I immediately started thinking of things to say about it.  But I limited myself to telling Shelley that we were going to use it for our next caption contest because it was perfect for us.  Perfect!  Do you have any idea how much we love cross stitch? And things that make us involuntarily scream out: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!"

Leave a comment with your caption and we'll pick a winner on Thursday.

That's What She Said...

 xo, Kate & Lydia


There were a ton of  totally hilarious captions to this picture but the one that made both Kate and I bust out laughing was the following suggestion made by The Girls:

"Somebody give Ryan Seacrest his sign back!"

Which prompted Lydia to create the truly tasteless photo to the right. 

We also love these captions:

From Anna: "Better Homes & Gardens introduces a new monthly feature: "Cute Ideas to Perk Up Your Prison Cell!"

From loveandchaosreigns: "So that's why Donald Duck is never wearing any pants."

From the Jenster: "You may leave your package at the back door but DO NOT enter. Wait, are we still talking about the UPS man?"

And Spiralmoon said...  "Awww, Grandma!! Do you really have to advertise?!"

We loved this one from Latin Mama because it was a "40 Year Old Virgin" shout out:  "Hope your back door is big 'cause I'm gonna put my bike in it...."

And another reason we (and by "we" I mean LYDIA) thought this picture was so funny was that Kate has this exact phrase tattoo'ed on her lower back.  Like the smelly pirate hooker she is!

I'm totally kidding. About the tattoo part. - Lydia
Thanks so much for playing along with us!  You guys are waaayyyyy funnier than we are.  Just wait though - our next caption contest will consist of some truly memorable shots taken at the bar at Lydia's birthday celebration.

xo, Kate & Lydia

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