Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caption Contest: SuperWhuck!


Kate went on vacation over Thanksgiving and while she was gone she sent me this picture that she had taken at a theme park of herself and Spiderman:

I saw it and I had four thoughts simultaneously:
  1. "I think if Spiderman moves his left hand any further north, he's getting to second." 
  2. "Are you guys trying out for Dancing with the Stars? Because you might want to invest in some more tap lessons."
  3. "I probably shouldn't remind you about that time I went to Disney World and got a really creepy long hug from Chip (or maybe Dale?) and then when I got home I found out that half the people working there as characters had gotten pubic lice and scabies because the costumes were so dirty."
  4. "This will be our next caption contest!"  
Leave your caption here and on Sunday night we'll announce the winner, who will win a a special Kate & Lydia care package!

xo, K & L

PS: We asked our last winner (Leigh Ann) to send us a picture of her so we could proclaim her the funniest girl of the week.  She said she would try to find the least scary picture she could and then sent us this with the admonition to "call me Leigha"...

Thank you. And may the Force be with you.


Our favorite caption is from Nicole Renee who wrote: "I save this chick and she started texting her friend. WTF?" Which is super funny because that's exactly what happened.  Kate and I are like the cheesiest seventh grade girls ever sometimes and it's awesome.  Nicole Renee - please email us at with your address!

There were so many awesome ones but we have a couple of honorable mentions this week.  Mama Snarky - all of yours were hilarious.  And Pam's: "With great power comes great- ooooh, hey there Baby, how you doin'?"- totally made us snort.  Also, Emily Suzanne's "Better watch out Spidey...I think McLovin might 'know people' who'd make it look like an accident...No one messes with Shock and Awe." - was super duper funny.

Thank you all so much! We heart you and hope you had a great weekend.

xo, Lydia & Kate
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