Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Tree: FFTIHAD

Kate tells me that this is funny.  I'm not sure I see it.  So here's what happened: I strategically placed our Christmas tree between shelves, boxes and the fireplace and then stuffed it into the corner of the room so it would be hard for the kids to knock into it.  Just keep that in mind.  The tree was up for less than 24 hours when I saw this:

Apparently, in the three minutes she was unsupervised my 2 year old snuck down to the playroom - knocked it over soundlessly like a fat little panther and then just came upstairs like it was no big deal.  Sometime later my older kids saw it and freaked out screaming like they'd just seen Santa get gunned down by renegade elves.  I looked at Mini-mini-me playing on the floor of the kitchen and asked her if she knocked over the Christmas tree. Without even looking up from what she was doing she was like: "Oh yeah."

The. End.

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