Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's the Festival of Lights!

Kate and I want to send out a ginormous HAPPY HANUKKAH to all of our Jewish mommies out there!  Lydia was beside herself when she saw this video making the rounds on Facebook because it combines her love for Glee-style choral music, the freaking awesome Festival of Lights and of course... latkes.  Mmmmmm..... LATKES.  Hope you enjoy the song by these absolutely adorable and talented dudes as much as we do!

xo, Kate & Lydia

ps: Lydia is obsessed with Hanukkah because for 11 years she had a Jewish step-dad and so she got to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (making her the luckiest and possibly most spoiled girl in the entire state of NJ).

pps: Stark Raving Mad Mommy and Lydia apparently share a brain (scary - but true) because at the exact same moment, they both fell in love with this video and tucked it into a post and then starting flailing around on Facebook about how much they adore it. Her post runs tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

(originally published in 2010)
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  1. It is great. I posted it last night in my Happy Chanukkah post to friends. :) I haven't shown it to my daughter yet for fear that I will have to watch 60 billion times.

  2. I loves it! And I love geeky-hot Jewish boys. Especially with glasses!

  3. That is freaking AWESOME!

  4. Thank you! This is wonderful, what a treat!!

  5. Thank you! That was so much FUN!

  6. My husband doesn't know it yet, but I believe you've just made yourselves his enemy. Because unless he finds me my headphones (which he borrowed for work, and "lost") he's going to have to listen to this song ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

    I'm not Jewish, but this song is kind of awesome... I've been having one of "those days" (sigh) so I've been listening to Owl City's "Fireflies", random Mika, Lady Gaga, Lady Sovereign, and others like them, all day... And now this. This must be listened to repeatedly... Loudly... Yes. *dance!*

    1. enjoy this one ...

  7. This Jewish mommy thanks you for something other then Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song to make me :) !

  8. We're not Jewish, but we have friends who are, and this is just awesome. As a matter of fact, our friends live in a very very Jewish community and my kids and I went with her and her kids to the library in their town once. My kids love Veggie Tales, and there's one about baby Moses being in the river and the phrase in the movie, and the phrase that my daughter (4 at the time) yelled at the top of her lungs in this very Jewish library was: "Egyptian swim! All Hebrews out of the water!" I have not been back since.

  9. I'm just Jewish by injection, but this is pure awesomeness!!!

    (Oh, and yes, that means my kids are the luckiest and most spoiled kids EVER!!!! Add to it that their birthdays are in November and December it is basically a present fest in our house for almost 2 months!)

  10. My 6yo daughter told me last night she wants to start celebrating Hanukkah in addition to Christmas.....Aren't they sweet?

  11. @flakymom, love the term "jewish by injection" :)
    This song is awesome, i too posted it on FB. Listen to their cover of Matisyahu's One Day. Top of my playlist. And they are so cute :)

  12. Last year my kids were mesmerized by the candles. This year it's all "where are the presents" once they are lit. Sigh. Thank you so much for posting this, I was having a really rough day and this made me happy.

  13. One of our all-time fav songs to sing at the top of our lungs in the car. I am a bit of an acapella geek, so always love a new one to belt out. And the mini-history lesson embedded within the video? Brilliant!!! Yeah Maccabeats!!!!




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