Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's the Festival of Lights!

Kate and I want to send out a ginormous HAPPY HANUKKAH to all of our Jewish mommies out there!  Lydia was beside herself when she saw this video making the rounds on Facebook because it combines her love for Glee-style choral music, the freaking awesome Festival of Lights and of course... latkes.  Mmmmmm..... LATKES.  Hope you enjoy the song by these absolutely adorable and talented dudes as much as we do!

xo, Kate & Lydia

ps: Lydia is obsessed with Hanukkah because for 11 years she had a Jewish step-dad and so she got to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah (making her the luckiest and possibly most spoiled girl in the entire state of NJ).

pps: Stark Raving Mad Mommy and Lydia apparently share a brain (scary - but true) because at the exact same moment, they both fell in love with this video and tucked it into a post and then starting flailing around on Facebook about how much they adore it. Her post runs tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

(originally published in 2010)
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