Friday, December 10, 2010

Maude Is Even Awesomer Than We Thought!

So, as if being Maude and Dorothy Zbornak -- and the patron saint of MommyLand -- wasn't enough, it turns out that Queen of the Universe Bea Arthur was. also. a. Marine!

She totally enlisted! And, had to go through some process where someone "evaluated" her. We don't know if this was a good idea...she probably slapped a few people with sandwiches. One of the reports "...described her conversation as 'argumentative' and her attitude and manner as 'over-aggressive.'

OHMYMAUDE! She's totally Kate.

And, she's totally Lydia too! Someone wrote this about her: "Officious--but probably a good worker--if she has her own way!"

She also wrote that her hobbies included hunting with a .22 caliber rifle and “bow and arrow.”  

Her. Hobbies. Included. Shooting. Things.

She also got herself into a little the form of of misconduct report. Which is naughty for two reasons. One, because that *totally* goes on your permanent record or something. And, two, because of  (and, again, we're quoting here)  "...Arthur’s contracting of a venereal disease, which left her 'incapacitated for duty' for five weeks in late 1944. As a result, her pay was reduced for that period."

And this is what we think she'd think about that: 

 Oh we lurve you.

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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