Saturday, December 4, 2010

Postcards from Kate: Ummm...Huh?

It's no secret Kate has a gravitational pull on stuff that is just *wrong* -- but this time, we're pretty sure wrong was just f**king with her.

Email Subject line: Whuck?

Email message: What do they call those? Oxymorons? Of course, nothing IS written in stone...well, except for this. Jackholes. xoxo Kate

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  1. The best part about the first one is that you could replace the "senior" with a mom and a car full of kids and it wouldn't be would be relatable!! We would all say "oh ya...sweet friend, I've done the same thing!"

  2. Love the Harry Potter reference. "No post on Sundays!"

  3. omg! freakin' FUNNY!!!! love you guys! hahahahahaha so needed that. hee hee




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