Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Were on TV Again!! And We Were JACKHOLES!

We were on Let's Talk Live yesterday morning!  Please note that Kate looks Fancy and has car payment hair and that Lydia is wearing yoga pants and clogs because she's not cool.  Also, I double dog dared Kate to say the words "strap on" on the air and she did.  To describe a back-pack helicopter thing.  Because she's awesome

Also - the guy who was interviewed first on the show was this super cute, skinny young thing in Converse one-stars.  And we were all nervous about being on TV and inanely babbling about how Fonzie had been on the show last time and how he hugged us and now we were in love with him because he was magical and rad. 

And the skinny cutie-pants? Who was very nice and had the good manners not to ask us if we were coming off a meth binge or had forgotten to to take our Lithium? THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNER FOR THE ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY OF THE FILM "MILK".  Also, writer and producer for the HBO show "Big Love".  And screenwriter for a new movie called "J. Edgar" to be directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

WHUCK?!  How did we end up in the same place as this man?  Seriously? Couldn't someone have warned us? Because we were full-on JACKHOLES the entire time we were in his presence. 

Do you know what this TV show is doing to us? It's giving us the opportunity to humiliate ourselves in front of famous people.  I shudder to think how we acted in front of him.  We were giggling and making strap-on jokes.  And talking about how we wanted to hug Henry Winkler some more.  And how Kate thought she had Farrah Fawcett hair.  We feel so frigging stupid right now.  For being ourselves.  Sadly, this is a feeling we are all too familiar with.

So enjoy the clip! And don't forget to enter the Caption Contest that ends tomorrow night!!

xo, Lydia & Kate

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  1. That was awesome. I am a producer for an AM tv show in NYC and you ladies were awesome. Saying strap on was priceless the hostesses didn't even do a double take...
    Well played ladies. Whuck is my new favorite word.
    ~ Kerri Smith
    Mom of 3,ages 8,9 and 11...

  2. Thats great I think You guys were AWESOME !!! You both look Wonderful!!!

  3. @Kerri Smith,
    We're available to come to New York to be idiotic on your show. Just let us know when. We'll be *right* there with extra enthusiasm and sparkle and we'll even try not to embarass you.
    xo, K & L

  4. As a fellow Fairfax resident I am SO EXCITED to learn about the University Mall Theatre- I had no idea it existed before today! and those prices are right up my alley! I'll definitely be checking it out soon!

  5. You guys were awesome and your hair looked frickin' great!
    Nicely done, Ladies.

  6. See, the best part of this whole thing is that on TV you come across as Very Nice ladies who I wouldn't at all mind bumping into in a dark alley late at night and on this blog - it's a whole different story. Love it!!!

  7. Ya'll were *awesome* Not sure why you think you were jackholes...I thought this was one of your better shows! The hostess - not Jersey - who kept playing with her papers needed to PUT.THE.PAPERS.DOWN!
    You two?

  8. Awesome, as usual! I wish I lived in your area so I could do some of that stuff with my kid. But no, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in rural South Carolina.

  9. Haha, I caught the end of this and was like "they remind me of the ladies from Rants From Mommyland". Glad you posted it. And glad you did it, I live in MoCo and its super expensive just in general so glad to hear a couple new places to take the nieces :) and the kiddo when he comes along.
    I think they need to put you on local TV every day, much better then the two ladies asking the questions!

    Happy New Year!




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