Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What To Expect From Kate & Lydia Over Christmas

After today, Kate and I are taking a little time off over the holidays -- but we will be back full time after New Years...with all the whacktacularness you've come to expect from us.

In the meantime, we dove into the MommyLand vault and dug up some gems from last year. We're calling it the MommyLand Rewind. But, just in case you think we're being super lazy and just hitting "RePost" and strolling away to go sit and have coffee at Starbucks, oh think again...we've re-worked this for 2010. Which is even awesomer because we're thisclose to 2011 so it'll be immediately out of date. Again. *sigh*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We raise our glasses (and slosh them just a little) to you. We adore you, mommies!

xo, Lydia and Kate

PS Kate wanted to write more, but Lydia is whining about going to get a Venti Ralph Macchio. [Editor's Note: The Starbucks part was supposed to be a joke, Stupid. - Kate] [Shut up and drive. Hooker. - Lydia]

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