Friday, January 7, 2011

WINNERS of the All New Caption Contest! Kate & Lydia Look Idiotic!

On Lydia's birthday, rather than entertain at her embarrassingly dirty charming home - she asked friends to join her and the Cap'n at a nearby Irish pub.  Lydia really wanted to do a bar night because the last time she did so it was in the late 90's.  And she has heard about people, mythical adult-type people, who on occasion go to bars and have drinks with their friends. It sounded so fun...

Oh it was.  Much mirth and merriment was had by all.  As you will soon see.  Because Lydia's dear friend Ellen brought her camera.  And took over 50 pictures. When she asked us to come over the next day to see what she had documented, we thought we were going to see this:

Feel free to caption any of the photos you see below. Winners will receive the knowledge that they are awesome and be given  MommyLand job titles created specifically for them by me & Kate, that they may wear with pride forever.  So basically nothing.


Photo One: Kate

Photo #1: I used to be a 34C, then I had kids. Now I'm a 34Long. Melanie Crowe
Vice President of My-Eyes-Are-Up-Here

Photo Two: Kate and Lydia

Photo #2: Can you believe that she's STILL trying to see down my shirt?!?! 
And I put this scarf on just to block the dirty, dirty peeper! 
Simchas Jewels
January 8, 2011 10:46 PM

Simchas Jewels, if that is your real name (we're spies...we can totally spot a fake) For the best interpretation of what was, in fact, Kate licking off the foam off Lydia's beer (yes, it WAS gross) we hereby name you: 

Director of Cleavage Control

Photo Three: Lydia

Photo #3: Lydia tries using The Force. Cali in Jersey 
THANK YOU to everyone who played. We laughed ourselves silly every time a comment came in. You guys are FUNNY. We like to think that it helped that we looked like complete idiots...Kate's never going to live down that photo. Ever. 

Finally, several of you made comments on the footwear...we think we needed to address those comments we found to be particularly awesome:

As to the nail polish, FrazzledMama...yes, I need a pedicure. Thanks for noticing, ya snitch...
...and, to boymommynyc, they're HEAVY...

XOXO Kate and Lydia

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