Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gift of the Magi: Kate and Lydia Version

So, Lydia upped the ante on the gift exchange this year, in the form of saying, "I'm making your gift this year." And, being the kind of person who refuses to be outdone, I had to make something for her, too.

Which is *great* because I have a ton of free time and am super crafty and aspire to be Martha Stewart. 

So, I got all creative and "made" something for her. And by made I mean paid someone to make something  I designed.

Business cards! Like we're professionals!!
And this:

Lydia is totally going to lose one.  - Kate
 And *this* is what Lydia gave me:

It's from "Anchorman". But I'm not very good at cross-stitch. Not yet anyway.  - Lydia
Which just goes to show you that nothing -- nothing - compares to the truth conveniently displayed in a cross-stitch.

xoxo, Kate & Lydia

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