Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Next for Lydia's Ass??

Hello from the land of someone who is finally done with the 30 Day Shred - a mere 68 days later!  WOO HOO!

But I need your help - what should I do next?  I heard that Jackie Warner has a DVD that's a lot like The Shred - weights and cardio in one really rough and sweaty 20 minute per day workout.  I really can't do more than that per day because my toddler stopped napping and she might burn down the house if I attempt something like PX-90.  Besides, I was thinking a Jackie vs. Jillian battle of the 30 day programs would be kind of cool.  But since it was you guys who suggested the Shred to begin with  - maybe you can point me in the right direction for what I do next.

Also, any suggestions on healthy snacks would be great.  Because I don't think I can eat any more popcorn and the baby keeps stealing and devouring my beloved Laughing Cow 35-calorie cheese wedges.

Oh yeah!  The Rants from Mommyland SparkPeople Team just started a new challenge so if you want to participate - all you have to do is exercise ten minutes a day for the next month.  My kids have been making me play Just Dance 2 on the Wiii for hours a day and I have to say, my tap dance training has come in handy because I just rocked a very high score just this afternoon. 

Here's my review of the 30 Day Shred now that I'm at the end of it:
  • As I said last week, I have grown to love Jillian and I am really, really happy that I did the Shred, even though it was really hard.  This represents a big change from when I first started  - when I hated every second of it, couldn't sit on the potty without falling the last six inches and thought Jillian was dirty whore.
  • I hurt my knee after two weeks.  I took 2 days off and bought a knee brace from Target and I was good to go.  Injury is a possibility with this, especially if you're pretty out of shape when you get started, as I was.
  • I used 5lb hand weights and my biceps actually got a little bit bigger - which I didn't want.
  • Thanks to the holidays and the fact that it it took me a month a to progress from the end of Level 2 to the end of Level 3, my weight and measurements haven't changes since the third week of the Shred.  Here's the dealio:
    • 5 pounds
    • 2.5 inches off my waist
    • 3 inches off my hips
    • 1.5 inches off each thigh
    • I feel about a million times better.
Last week I fell off the wagon for three days.  I got on the scale and I'd gained a pound.  So I said F it.  Then I had dinner with friends three nights in a row.  I drank lots of wine. I didn't work out.  I thought it would be awesome.  Most of it was.  But by the end of third day, I felt so crappy I could barely make it to bed time.  I had less energy. I felt light-headed and weak from eating carby, sugary crap.  I was so tired, I couldn't even muster the enthusiasm to tap my t-box after my kids went to bed.  And I felt guilty because I stopped trying.  I hate feeling guilty.  So now I'm back on board. And that feels oddly like an accomplishment.
And I just really want to thank everyone who is helping and encouraging me and that includes you.
xo, Lydia and her slowly shrinking ass

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