Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Crazytown Mommy Play Group

Recently, we've heard a lot of stories about mommy play groups gone bad.  I guess its not a huge surprise, though.  There's always someone who wants to turn something fairly normal and benign into a competitive sport.  There's always that person that runs the tennis team or the PTA like Joseph Stalin in June Cleaver's body. 

But the whole Mommy Play Group thing really bothered us both because we think they're really important.  Lydia's whole perspective on motherhood changed when she joined one.  She made really wonderful friends and figured out for the first time that it was normal to want to A-Frame your husband because he got to shower every day and sleep at night.

But the Mommy Play Group horror stories kept rolling in and we didn't quite believe them until we came across this application to join a local group. OK fine.  We made it all up.  But you'd be surprised how much of it we cut and pasted from actual applications we found all over the internets.  These things exist, y'all. And they're terrifying...

On Monday, we're going to be talking about this topic in much greater detail over at Momicillin.  They very kindly are overlooking our lack of couth and ability to proofread and are running our discussion about mommy playgroups and we can't wait to bring them down to our level! Well, it's just for one day.  They'll be fine.

Check them out on the web and on their totally kick-ass Facebook page.
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