Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Quick Question About Giveaways?

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Lately we've been getting a lot of emails about participating in giveaways.  In the past, the only stuff we've given away has been stuff we bought or made for you or from the MommyLand store.  But some of the stuff people have been offering to GIVE US FOR FREE has been awesome. 

OK, technically - it's not for us. It's for you.  But before we jump into it - we want to know if it's something you'd like to do or if you think its annoying.
  • As a reader, would you be into free stuff?  (Leave us a comment and let us know)
  • If you have a business - would you want to do a give-away with us?  Even though we're idiots? (If you want to give something away on our site - email us at
We are really bad at anything to do with the post office so if you guys don't think this is a good idea, we'll probably just skip it.  On the other hand if you like this idea, we'll get over our fear of the postal employees in Lydia's neighborhood (there's this one guy with a goatee...) and we'll be giving away some really cool stuff.
Thanks in advance for letting us know how you feel.  And by the way, you look really good today.  Are those new yoga pants or have you lost weight?
xo, Kate & Lydia
Thank you so much for your feedback! Based on your comments, here's what we think we're gonna do:
  • We're going to go ahead and do some give-aways over the next month as an experiment.  If we get negative feedback, we won't do it again.
  • We're only going to work with awesome people.  For example Naughty Betty or Modern Bird Studios.  These are parents who read our blog, are already part of Mommyland and are running really cool businesses making really cool stuff.  Stuff we want.  They're not paying us and we're happy to promote them because we like what their doing.
  • Never would we make you click, enter, subscribe, follow, or provide personal information. EVER. Never ever. No spam. We're not adding any advertising or anything.   
  • All you would have to do to enter a drawing is leave a comment on a post describing the stuff being given away and then we'll randomly pick one. No rushing to be first or hitting the refresh button. Just post a comment. That's it.
  • If and when we do this - we'll probably do it on a weekend so that folks who are not into the whole give-away thing can feel free to totally ignore it.
  • We will not change how we post or what we post on a day to day basis. 
  • What's left to be decided is if we do it once a week for a month or do a big blow-out weekend 'o' giveaways once or twice a year. 
Once again, thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel about this.  We really appreciate all of you very much.  Maybe it's the T-box talking but... we love you guys so much. Thanks for encouraging us to keep writing this blog and telling us you don't care if we give you stuff.  You're awesome. 

xo, Lydia & Kate
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  1. I say go for it! Everybody loves free stuff and I think we all deserve a little treat now and then! We work hard :)

    And yes, I have lost weight....thanks to the AWESOME-TASTIC RFML SparkPeople team!!!!! Thanks for noticing ;)

  2. Annoying because I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. Not even the jellybean counting contests at my dentist's office.

    But seriously, fun, because I am GOING TO WIN one of these days... and I'd like to keep trying on a site that I really love (awwwww)

  3. I think free stuff is awesome :)

  4. I would be interested in winning free stuff

  5. The truth is Ihave been participating in some blog's Give always ... and the only reason I dislike them is.. I haven't won anything :).

  6. I love giveaways!

  7. I say pass. We come to this site to relax and laugh, not to have wares hocked upon us :-)

  8. Free? As in I don't have to pay for it? As in my husband wouldn't ask me how much I spent and grill me as to whether or not I really needed it?
    Duh!! Yes, free stuff is awesome!

  9. definitely good! giveaways are awesome. sometimes they're overdone, like theres overlapping giveaways, with is weird. but yes, giveaways in general are awesomeeee. =D

  10. Personally, I dont need any giveaways...the best thing I could get from you ladies is the great big belly laughs and giggles I get from reading your stuff...

  11. I LOVE you two - your posts have been brightening my days since last Winter. Mostly because they make me feel like less of a failure, since it's proof that, no, I am not the only one who has done (fill in the blank). Anyhow, I also love giveaways! I'd be totally up for it!

  12. Free Stuff? You'd better believe it... faaaaaantastic idea. Can /i be recipient #1, 2, 3 and 4?

  13. I'm always up for free stuff. Especially if it is good stuff! lol

  14. ROFL! These are definitely new yoga pants. SIGH. I'm still clippin coupons for RFML swag... somehow I'm all witty and stuff when I'm NOT on the spot. But I dig freebies! Mostly because because shortly after "signing up" for them, the Blur kicks back in, and when they do arrive, it's surprise!

  15. I never win anything, but I love seeing cool stuff being given away! Maybe one of the Mommyland "staffers" could be in charge of taking things to the post office? Or perhaps you could contact the company doing the giveaway and they could ship the item straight to the winner? Just a thought! :)
    Love you girls!
    P.S. Have you heard from Offspring lately? I miss her!

  16. Cheap is good. Free is better.
    But only if you promise it will not come with stalkerish emails from your *sponsers* AND none of those bullschmidt pop-ups all over the damn place on your blog!
    Hmmm...whoreing oneself out does come with a price...
    It can ONLY be stuff that you guys would actually use yourselves. The official RFML seal of approval. Which will require a new logo.

    work work work.

  17. I think it depends on the terms of the giveaway...there was a giveaway on another blog I read and it was like you had to do 7-8 different steps to even get entered...needless to say I did not waste my time!

  18. I say YES, do it!

    No, I haven't lost weight, but aren't these pajamajean sooo slimming?


  19. It's ok I guess. i can't stand the blogs that are all about reviews and give aways and sponsored posts. That makes me nuts. A give away every once in a while is ok. But don't do the reviews and then not give us the chance to get one. Those are just rude. And it has to be a GOOD give away. Not like a coupon for $.50 a tv dinner. Ok just my opinion.

  20. Free stuff giveaways?!? Oh, even yesser!

  21. Honest to goodness free giveaway? Hell Yes!

    Jump through all my hoops, following, tweeting, liking, listing, ad nauseum... not so much.

  22. Why thank you! But no I haven't lost weight and these are my old thrift store sweats, but I am wearing a pairs of super-tight leggings underneath so I think those help suck things up and look smoother!!

    But anyways, free stuff= awesomer stuff!!
    I do like giveaways, but I like easy ones to enter, not the ones where I have to go to 572 steps and do 25 jumping jacks in my backyard to enter (3 extra entries if said jumping jacks are done while nude)

  23. Just sent you an email about donating some Scentsy products for your readers! I think giveaways are a great idea!

  24. Annoying. As long as it isn't all the time, I guess it's OK but too many really turns me off.

  25. Yep ... I love to enter stuff... rarely win, but that's OK

  26. Fun! I'm grateful for the daily laughs, no matter what-- but who doesn't love free stuff? I'm in. :-)

  27. Giveaway posts are great as long as there are regular posts that day, too :) Only one person can win a giveaway but everyone likes a good my-kids-made-me-tap-the-tbox-at-noon-today post :)

  28. Free stuff is ALWAYS good!! I would just hope we wouldn't see any less of your funny posts because of it, reading your posts really makes my day, I'd hate to sacrifice those for free stuff. :)

  29. free stuff is awesome :) (btw i'm a regular reader, i just don't post much. you guys are awesome!) -crysta

  30. New Yoga pants and I've lost weight - YAY!

    If giving away stuff means that you have to give a list of fans on fb or here then, I would say no. sharing that kind of info makes your fans targets...

    If companies are really interested in giving stuff, with out wanting information about your ever-lovin' fans, go for it!

    It's worth thinking about whether it's going to cost you a god damned fortune in effing postage, and whether you're going to have to employ someone to stand-in-line at the post office until eternity... Personally I reckon poor Lydia's got enough on her plate, without being weirded out at the Post Office on a regular basis, having said that Mini-mini-me is off to preschool.... so she needs somethin' to keep her from getting sooooo bored she goes out of her ever lovin' mind!

    Thanks Super Awesome Kate and Lydia!! We LOVE your blog, free stuff or not, so do what you want to do!


  31. I think everyone loves free stuff... however if you're giving something away every day it's REALLY FLIPPING ANNOYING to have it pop up in my RSS feed for yet another giveaway for some binky or some other bs item for babies and I have a 9 yr old..

    so to make everyone happy why don't you promise to limit it to no more than one/week and make it simple things.. don't make it "repost to your blog/fb/tweet" or another way for us to promote your blog to our friends (which we do anyway b/c we lurves you but we don't want to feel like we have to just to get some free trinket).. make it something like "comment why you would like ____" and we'll draw your name out of a hat/draw a number/randomly select a winner... kind of a thing..

    that's my opinion anyway

  32. I'm hesitant - what is the adage? nothing is really free - free stuff comes with a price
    hate to be a party pooper
    if you need to give away free stuff in order to keep up the excellent blogs, then fine, but otherwise, i say why cheapen this experience?

  33. okay my verification word was "feces"

  34. Yes please with the free stuff!

  35. Free giveaways sound pretty good to me!

  36. Like many others have said, giveaways are great if I don't have to jump through hoops. If you do them, I would prefer it be one entry for following, and that's it. No extras for blogging, tweeting, facebooking it, etc.

    And 2nd, if you host the giveaways, the sponsor should ship the item because they are getting free advertising.

    Last, I, along with most here, follow you for the laughs. At the end of the day, I love the truthful humor you inject into a rather stressful situation (mommyhood). And you manage to do so with tact, making us all see you do still love those kids. Now stop being a slave driver and let them go to bed. No, wait, that's me. I do too love my kids, who said I don't?

  37. Well, I think most readers would like it every once in a while (That's what she said...), but if you two already feel iffy about it then you should go with your gut.

    You drew followers by doing just what you're doing now, so something must be working. (I know, I know... That's what she said.)

    Of course, maybe I'm just already sated, because I was the very lucky recipient of your Pottery Barn giftcard lottery! ;-)

  38. I'd much rather have free Kate and Lydia (thats what he said) than "free stuff" - Thanks ladies!

  39. It depends on what's being given away. If it's something I don't need/want, then it's kind meh. However, if it's something I really want/need, then it's annoying because I never win it.
    But seriously, who doesn't love them some free stuff? If it's a product you would be proud to support/give to your readers, then I say go for it. You don't actually have to go to the post office, either. You can do it all from your computer, and just drop it in the box. Problem solved. Glad I could help!

  40. You do whatever you want with your awesome blog. If it feels right, then do it. BUT, know that I love you guys just the way you are, you don't have to give me anything. You had me at "hello" and I don't care if you wear pajamajeans or make fifty lists a day about making lists. I do think you have such a following that most of us wouldn't stand a chance to win anything, but it may make for some fun posts!

  41. Perhaps you should have a giveaways tab. That way readers who are interested can check it out and readers who aren't interested don't have to. Just a thought!

  42. Thanks for noticing! As I have been feeling virus-y this week and putting away more than my share of cookies, I will chock it up to the worn elasticity of my yoga pants.

    Did you say "FREE?" Count me in. But only for useful, unusual or fun stuff. I know that free diapers and juice boxes are important, too, but I can't see you making a trip to the scary post office for those items.

  43. I'm in the "probably not" camp. It *will* be a pain in your ass to mail the stuff. I also dislike the "contests" where you have to link this and post that to "enter". Thumbs DOWN!

    Do what feels right!

  44. Sure, but without all the steps to enter. Also, you could do one huge giveaway thing with multiple items and winners. This would only take one trip to the post office. It could be like a once or twice a year giveaway party or something! I also think the items should be stuff you two ladies would use or like but are not necessities. :)

  45. No. No giveaways. They are annoying. You do not need that kind of gimmicky stuff to attract readers. You are awesome on your own.

    If you did a giveaway once or twice a a compromise...that would be ok. And maybe even fun. But more than that? No thank you.

  46. Even though I never win I am all about free stuff. I say go for it.

  47. I'm cool with give-aways..But, added to your list of how you're going to do it, I think you should have to do a crazy video each time of the 'drawing'. Your last one just killed me, and I love seeing you guys! In a totally non-stalkery kind of way ;)

  48. free stuff is awesome! and, now you don't even have to go to the post office. just click over to the post office website, order some free boxes. then, when the time comes, you can purchase the postage online and schedule a pick up at your door. loves it! i never step foot in my post office anymore.

  49. Well I'm *definitely* into free stuff, but to be honest I'm totally lazy about it.

    If you do a giveaway and say "Give me your email address so we can do a random drawing!" I'm in.

    But if you do a giveaway and say "Give me your email address, the mid-section of your pinkie wrapped in a plastic bag, a DNA sample, like me on Facebook (and twitter and google and RSS and MySpace and nameless social network and . . .) only to tell me that THEN you still need me to allow permissions to access my Facebook information, friends, and posts for the last three years . . . then forget it. LOL!

    I know you gals dig the honesty, so there ya go!




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