Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tap Dance Recital

We did it.  This journey is finally at an end.  Last summer, we asked you to choose an enrichment activity for us.  You picked Tap Dancing.  We signed up for an 8 week class and tapped our asses off.  Then you asked for a performance. We were going to do something in Kate's driveway but someone suggested that was sad.  And also not humiliating enough.  So when the annual church variety show came around, we knew we'd found the perfect venue.

A couple of things to know before you watch our mind-blowing performance:
  • We went on kind of late in the show (we were the 11th out of 16 acts) and we directly followed an incredibly talented and lovely teenage girl singing a heartwarming rendition of the song "Temporary Home".  Everyone else was trying to hold back the ugly crying because it was so beautiful and moving and we were like: "Well great. Thanks a bunch. Now we have to follow THAT. Awesome."
  • The stage was carpeted.  Therefore you can't hear any tapping. Trust us when we tell you that this improved our performance.
  • There were hundreds of people there.  Hundreds.
  • The top hats we were wearing pooped sequins and paint chips everywhere so that we looked like we had scary, black, glittering dandruff all over us. 
  • Also, they were children's hats. So they were sort of small and unless you had them crammed on your head really hard - they would unexpectedly pop off.  It added an element of surprise to our performance that only we could truly appreciate.
  • Every act was allotted three minutes. We started our performance by projecting our training montage onto a HUGE wall.  So there we were ten feet tall - drinking raw eggs and doing bicep curls with T-boxes and screaming "JILLLLLLIAAAAAANNNNN!!!" in front of the Golden Age Ministry, Pastor Henry, God and everyone.  It was bad ass.
Here's the Training Montage again:

And here is the actual performance:

Right after the performance, Mini clapped her two year old hands with wild abandon and then wriggled out of her daddy's arms. She ran as fast as her pudgy legs could carry her towards the stage, past her mommy, right at the steps, screaming "BOOM BOOM POW! BOOM BOOM POW!"  We caught that baby before we she could selfishly steal our thunder.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner - except us.

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