Friday, February 11, 2011

Tap Dance: The Training Montage

As we mentioned earlier, we've spent this past week getting ready for our big tap dancing performance this weekend. We bought outfits...and HATS...and picked out the music. And got together every day this week to plan and prepare and make a training video and polish our shoes and find counselors for the kids to combat this latest level of parental humiliation...and, in the midst of all of that, didn't practice at all. We got an email this morning saying you guys expect to see ball changes and buffalos and coffee grinders. WHUCK? Kate went to you tube to see what a coffee grinder even was, and fell down just watching the video. So, this is what you will be seeing. A lot of moves that make A LOT of sound and are technically not really dance steps at all, but rather what we imagine a buffalo would do with a coffee grinder when he needed a ball change. This is interpretive tap dance, y'all.

Sunday is going to be epic. You know how we know? Because this movie says so. When you train this hard, it's going to be awesome. Just like Rocky.

We'd like to thank the Academy...and of course, the great great Charlie Wilson. Without whom, this would look like just another bad home movie. And our families, who will be placing want ads on Monday for new moms. And finally, to the police. Thanks for not arresting us when we hit that Mercedes with our tap shoes...oops.

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