Monday, February 28, 2011

We're Hanging with Some Big Kids Today

Kate and Lydia can't come to the blog right now.  We're visiting our friends at Momicillin and trying not to embarrass ourselves. Momicillin is a blog written by a team of really talented, really diverse moms from all over the place.  Their stuff is funny, honest and from the trenches. But they wear big girl pants over there.  They review products and make helpful suggestions and don't use inappropriate language and do wacky things like proofread and follow rules of grammar.  And guess what else?  Their facebook page was rated as one of the top 50 by Babble.  So they're awesome.

OH! And they have a sister site: MOMS WHO NEED WINE.  Oh yes. Such a thing exists.  The MWNW Facebook page is great, too. 

We're writing all about Mommy Play Groups and how important they are but how they can take a left turn into Crazytown.  Last week we posted a completely imaginary application to join a Mommy Play Group, and honestly we didn't even think about sending it to them because they're all professional. And we just made it up because we thought it would be funny to document an imaginary Mommy Leader's descent into madness.  And that sort of thing isn't for everyone.  We know we're not normal.

But they loved it.  We were shocked.  So the nice people at Momicillin got a two-fer; they're posting our thoughts about Mommy Play Groups and the imaginary application. EPIC WIN FOR US.

Read all about it right here. And we're back to normal tomorrow.  Or "normal" for us - so, not normal.

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