Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Days 'til Summer Challenge on SparkPeople

Put your sword down, Kate.
We've got 100 days til summer.
Hi everyone! Lydia here!

The Rants from MommyLand SparkPeople team is growing strong with almost 400 people on board.  All of us are working towards getting smaller, getting fitter or making healthier choices.  Its a very diverse group. There's me - trying not to cram Girl Scout cookies in my face and there's Kate training for a 24-hour race, and there's a lot of people in between.  The team has something for everyone, there's lots of judgment-free support, it's free and there's no pressure.

And starting on Monday, we're having a team challenge to get everyone closer to their goals by the time summer officially starts.
If you're interested in learning more, you can check it out right here.

If you need an opportunity to make some changes - maybe this is it.  It can't hurt to try, right?  If you're on the fence, please know that I'll be there with you and I'll be struggling.  And failing and starting over.  And I've even started doing some blogging over there just for the other Sparkpeeps trying to lose weight. 

Here's a message from one of our team leaders, Jessyca the Mommyland Headmistress of Deprivation:

For years, the commercials that pop up in the spring advertising beach vacations, bikini-perfect bodies, and discounted gym memberships have taunted us. Those bronzed bodies running through the sand without a single ounce of fat wiggling or jiggling. This is the last year that we threaten to bash the television with a baseball bat. Although … that would be a great cardio workout!

June 21 is the official first day of summer. There are 100 days starting on March 14 until that dreaded June date and swimsuit season begins. But we don’t have to dread it anymore. This can be the last year that we threaten televisions, sprint past the swimwear department at Target, and curse the snitchy perfect mommy that wants to drag the preschoolers to the kiddie pool.

You can pick a weak area to improve: Cardio, Strength, Nutrition, or Emotional Well-being. Or, you can be an RFM Champ and pick two of the teams. OR be an RFM Warrior and do ALL FOUR!!!! Or you can be a Half-Assed Warrior and do a couple!

100 days. 100 days to change our lives. 100 days to improve your mind, body and spirit. 100 days to a better life. 100 days to a better YOU.

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