Thursday, March 24, 2011


So, Lydia and I text a lot. Like, all the time. More specifically, like teenagers who have a possibly unhealthy crush. To the degree that both of our cell phone providers suggested we up our texting to unlimited because we have a combined 47,385 messages to each other. Since January.  And this is all made more funny because Lydia is bad at texting.  Like there are three year olds who can text faster and with fewer spelling errors. 

So now things that would once have been a phone call that we may or not remember due to the t-box syndrome are now immortalized in digital form for the rest of time. And, how do we accept this new reality? We post it to you guys.

Lydia made clear her love for Huggy Face today but LAST NIGHT...well, I'll let her tell you. We were texting each other trying to decide what post to run in the morning.  We couldn't decide between the Cap'n Huggy Face post or something else. Lydia's texts are in white; Kate's are in green.

We're pretty sure this is what HF would think about that.

We're also pretty sure he'd Maude-face Lydia and then A-Frame her. But only after he finishes his dance.

The. End.

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