Friday, March 25, 2011

WINNER!! Cards and Magnets and Swag, Oh My

So, Kate loves buying cards. But, instead of writing things in them  like "you're an awesome friend, happy birthday" she writes "hey you're a year older, here's a book, why don't you learn something?"

Then she found this card line that says it for her, so she just gets to write "omg isn't this the best card EVER...and it's soooo true." AND THEN, the awesome girls who get to spend their day writing insulting birthday cards wrote to us and said they'd send us stuff. AND THEN THEY DID! Mommyland, say hello to Christine and Courtney, who are the snitchy geniuses behind Naughty Betty. 

Can we just say how awesome their stuff is? Stuff like this:

And now we have this whole box of cards and magnets and notepads and funny f**king stuff to give to you! WOOT!

Like we promised before when we asked you about giveaways, you don't have to Like or click or forward or give us the names of twenty six of your friends or anything. But because Lydia and I love to read comments and giggle, we ask this:

Pick a famous Betty, be it Betty Rubble, Betty Boop, Betty Draper, Betty from Archie comics, Betty Ford, Betty White or any other Betty you can think of...then tell us what that Betty would do that would make her naughty.

Like, for example:

Betty White: Goes on TV saying the worst foul mouthed things that have ever been said, then goes viral with appearances on SNL and the Daily Show...oh? really? already did that, huh?

Have fun! We'll pick the winner winner chicken dinner on Sunday night...

xoxo Kate and Lydia



And, coming in right at the bell...and somehow knowing that Lydia and Kate are suckers for a naughty limerick, heyteach brings us this adorable little gem:

There once was Betty Rubble Who wanted her pleasure to double She hopped into bed with Barney and Fred But when Wilma showed up there was trouble!
 heyteach, email us at and we'll drop your awesome box of delicious card-i-ness at the Post Office...right after a Death Cage Match of Rock, Paper, Scissors...oh, how we hate the Post Office.


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