Monday, March 7, 2011

Me & Kevin Smith: FFTIHAD

Some of you may remember that my 5 year old son Hawk is obsessed with Legos.  Well, Hawk likes to take Lego stickers and draw scenes around them.  He recently presented me with this masterpiece which is clearly a Lego sticker and crayon drawing of me and director Kevin Smith. I thought this was a very inspired move because I have always felt that Kevin Smith and I should be friends.

Kate told me to stop being stupid.  BUT SHE IS THE STUPID ONE. Because now I have proof that (1) Kevin Smith and I should be friends (2) Kevin Smith's head is ever-so-slightly Lego'ish (3) My son is an artistic genius .  And here it is:

It can not be denied! Suck on THAT, Fancy.

The. End.

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