Friday, March 11, 2011

(UPDATED!!) Mod Tots Give-Away!

First, a big thanks to everyone who commented and to our insanely awesome, funny and talented pals at ModTots.  Next weekend's give-away is from Naughty Betty (you can feel free to click, it's not porn or anything).

And the winner is......

Laurie who suggested: "How about Ducky duck-duck? Or Steve." And suggested it last night 3:32 AM. Nice. 
Shoot us an email at to claim your prize!

xo, K & L

Last month we asked how everybody felt about give-aways.  Most people were totally delighted at the idea of winning free stuff.  Some people weren't into it and that's just fine. We're going to try running some give-aways over the next few weekends so people who don't want to deal with it can simply ignore it if they want to.

Here's what we're giving away:
An original piece of amazing art from ModTots.  The brilliant minds behind Mod Tots are the same folks at Modern Bird Studios.  In addition to creating incredible art work, they are family and a team that are so cool and funny and talented that we feel sort of honored that they let us hang out with them.

To see more of their work, click here.

They sent me a piece of art and it looks like this (except its a lot more awesome when you see in person):

I hung it over my two year old's crib.  Mini is kind of a handful on the best of days, but the day this thing showed up at our house she lost her damn mind.  "DAT MINE!" and "Dat's me a little duck!" (yes, she thinks its a picture of her) were quickly followed by her naming it (Ducky MoMo - after a particularly awesome episode of Phinneas and Ferb) and insisting that every time someone enters our house, including every single evening when her dad comes home from work, that she show them her picture.  She leads them into her room and then screams: "LOOKA MY DUCK! TAAA DAAA!"
Here's the dealio:
  • Winner gets a $100 gift certificate to ModTots, which is totally enough to get the awesome duck, or any other woodland creature or waterfowl...possibly a rodent, if you're so inclined. We'll pick a random winner Sunday night and you can work with ModTots to decide what you want!
  • You can enter once a day starting now through Sunday night. So basically you can enter three times if you want. Leave us a comment telling us what you would have named this duck. Please make it extra random.
  • Make sure your comments are not anonymous - please leave an email or URL or something so we can contact you.
  • Open to US and Canada. No previous winners are eligible to enter.
  • WOOT! For people who didn't win, you still have an awesome chance to have a ModTot piece of art...with a little Coupon (it's Cap'n approved). 10% discount on any purchase! Just enter MOMMYLANDRANTS as a coupon code. This offer expires one week AFTER the giveaway ends (3/20/11)
  • A fun little fact is that the first person to purchase a specific ModTot design gets to name it after his/her kid, provide a couple sentences of description and a link to their blog, if they'd like. Here is an example of a design that has already had a first purchaser, Harrison the Fox  (Check the 2nd paragraph in the description.)
As we promised, there's no obligation to "like" ModTots on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, but seriously - these guys are insanely awesome.  We follow them and like them because they are total rockstars and really, really nice people who also happen to be hilariously funny.  And to our fellow internet dorks - these guys do social media better than just about anybody.  So if you wanna check them out, please do!

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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