Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obsessed With Captain Huggy-Face

Please don't tell my husband (the incomparable yet curmudgeonly Cap'n Coupon) but he may not be my favorite Captain anymore. 

Does anyone else share my obsession with the show "Word Girl" and more specifically, with her side-kick Captain Huggy Face?  It is so awesome.  It teaches vocabulary and proper word choices.  Two lessons I obviously am in desperate need of.  We love it almost as much as Phineas and Ferb.  And the best part?  At the end of every show, Huggy Face does a dance and acts out the meaning of a word and it's often the happiest moment of my day.  I know what that says about me.

I love Captain Huggy Face so much that if he were real, I would steal him from Word Girl. I would drive him around in the Big White Tampon tucked gently into his carseat and take him to his playdates and make him banana smoothies and he would sleep in the bed with me in footie pajamas and be my little buddy forever. And we would dance.

But he's not real.  So I make due with the cartoon.  Which is probably good because only crazy people have monkeys.

Whatever anyone in my house is doing we all stop and come running when someone yells: "HUGGGGYYYY  FAAAAAACCCE!"  Then we all try to do the dance.  The we rewind it maybe ten more times.  The really sad thing is, we've been doing this every day for like two years. The really, really sad thing is that we always pay special attention to all of his facial expressions and we copy those too.

There is good news, though. I thought no one in the world loved Huggy Face and his dancing better than me, but that was before Mini-Mini-Me very selfishly took it all over.  Huggy Face? Hers? Anyone else tries to dance? "No. You stop NOW. Dat's my Huggy Face."

But the good news is that this is the first indication that she may try to use her considerable powers for good, rather than evil.  Then again, this could all be a ploy.  She could be trying to trick us into thinking she's working to defeat villainy and poor word choices when in fact, it's just step one of her plan for world domination.  With this kid, its kind of hard to tell.

Because Mini is not a sell out.  A lot of kids her age like Elmo. She's like: meh.  A lot of kids like Dora, perhaps because the sound of Dora's voice makes mommy leave the room, increasing opportunities for mischief and mayhem.  But not Mini.  Every time Dora asks a question that supposed to elicit a response from the audience, like: "Do you like to dance?" or "What's your name?" or "Do you enjoy traversing crocodile-infested waters with no parental supervision?", Mini screams "NO!"  And that's awesome because we all know that screaming "NO!" is the 2 year old equivalent of flipping somebody off. 

So as you can see, there's actually a chance that Captain Huggy Face is going to be a good influence on my precious little cupcake baked by the devil.  Which is another reason why I love him and feel that he should be promoted from sidekick to all-powerful simian overlord of super heroes.

The. End.

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