Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Bees

This one time Kate & Lydia did this awesome tap dance
and they totally don't even understand that they only did it
BECAUSE I TOLD THEM TO. I'm in their brains, man.
Just like the bees that live inside in our brains and make us beehive behave this way, we've been busy, busy, busy this week. We've been beavers - that's how busy we've been. 

Don't believe us?

First, Lydia outed herself as both a crappy parent and a facebook addict on Nickelodeon's Parent's Connect. Good one, Lyd. 

Next, Kate wrote the fuzzy, buzzy news round-up for the week. It's full of critically important, up to the minute, hard news items that will make you smart.  For example, Tori Spelling is totally pregnant again! And you can read it when Huffington posts it! Which should be any second!

Third, we interviewed Marile Borden - the brains behind Momicillin and Moms Who Need Wine for Maternal Ammunition.  She is obviously some sort of genius or something and we're hoping it rubs off because...

Fourth (oh yes fourth), we wrote a guest post for Moms Who Need Wine on our favorite cheap wines and it's set up like class favorites in a yearbook: Most Likely to Get You Pregnant, Most Likely to Accidentally Drink a Whole Bottle, etc.

And FIFTH is a TV appearance that's taking place today at 11am on Let's Talk Live where we discuss our favorite cheap wine.  It will be epic -- not because of the public drunkenness, which Kate has informed me is illegal -- but because I will be wearing PajamaJeans.  I just want you to imagine what this will do to Kate's concentration. 

Also, Kate is recommending her favorite cheap wine - which happens to be the Sofia Blanc de Blanc champagne in a pretty pink can that even comes with its own straw. So someone double dog dared me to say that "Kate likes it in the can" on live TV.  Given that I've already said "mom-perv", "strap-on" and "pirate hooker" on that show - it's a real possibility.

UPDATE: Lydia here. I totally choked. I had the perfect chance to say it and I didn't. And I just sat there looking like Jabba the Hut in a blue cardigan with my horrible dye job that I gave myself because I'm GLAME and did nothing awesome.  Except I did wear Pajama Jeans but you could hardly see them.  For shame, Lydia.  For shame.

But Kate dressed like a total hooker and said she thought Barefoot Moscato should come a pregnancy test because its so yummy that you drink the whole thing and then bow chicka wow WOW.  So she's awesome.

And Marile from Moms Who Need Wine was with us and she was like a ninja or something - totally professional and wasn't nervous or anything at all.  Also awesome.

Lydia? Not awesome with weird hair.

K & L

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  1. Oh lord; pajama jeans. I will so be watching that!

  2. You guys are great, I want to be like you when I grow up. Drunkards and all!


  3. Best bee picture ever in the world.

    You girls rock it like Brazilian Supermodels and I plan to ride your wake like Belinda Carlisle in the Vacation video.

  4. HA! I love it when you said and then we have to go to Applebees....LOL...

  5. I'm not a wine fan, but I am printing your guide and gonna try it out! Well, maybe not the barefoot ones, cuz really, if I do like it, that ain't gonna fly around here. So funny my man asked what I was laughing at over here.

  6. Due to the tannins and migraines I am limited in my wine choices. I really think you guys should try Monkey Bay's Sauvignon Blanc. It is full of win!

  7. Excellent. The whole comment about "Kate likes it in the can" reminded me of this video. You've probably seen it. It is a Bud Light Lime commercial. It makes my hyperventilate and cry every time I watch it. I have a 12 year old boy sense of humor as well.

  8. I am in love with Barefoot Moscato!! It makes an amazing white sangria too - you should try it!

    To make 1 serving:
    LARGE wine glass
    Big Splash of Triple Sec
    Big Splash of Peach Schnapps
    Fill glass to half full with Moscato (approx 4-5 oz)
    Fill the rest of the way with Sprite/7-up
    Splash of grenadine or marishino cherry juice


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