Monday, April 11, 2011

Help This Woman: The Birthday & The M-I-L

We recently got an email from a very nice lady asking for our advice, but we didn't have any brilliant solutions for her because we're morons.  We thought maybe you all could help her figure this one out.  If you know what she should do, please let her know in the comments section.  Don't be afraid to be creative.  


I have a problem and I could use some advice.

I consider myself a pretty level headed person and (generally) mom. My particular issue with pregnancy tends to be my lack of filtration. The hubs loves it because (apparently) i'm wicked snarky and he thinks it's hilarious. This lack of filtration has led to two things:

If the wearer of this expression is
extremely pregnant than you
should run like hell.

1) High blood pressure situations = crying
2) A strong desire to set someone on fire when they make me put on my Maude face.

Now, I have a TERRIBLE mother in law. I'm talking mental illness, pity junky, selfish, awful woman. And everyone knows it, but they let her get away with it. This is the same woman who called my husband and said "I hate you, I never want to speak to you again" on his birthday. She ruins every single family event and holiday. She's a lunatic. BUT, I have to invite her to things and I have to let her see her granddaughter because (unfortunately) you can't pick your family. Did I mention she also has a crazy sister and a crazy mother who are equally crazy but unmedicated?

The Problem:

I'm coming for you
and I'm crazy as hell.

I will be really, super pregnant when my daughter's second birthday comes around. And no matter what I do, I can't convince my husband that being this pregnant and unstable is a good reason to not invite his awful mother. Oh I should mention that my daughter is terrified of her and has nightmares every time she comes around. We actually had to kick them out of our house on her 1st birthday because they ruined the party. Any suggestions on a general party I can do for my lil one's 2nd that will pacify their need to be involved but keep them out of the real celebration with the people that genuinely love my kid? Something that will keep them out of my house and hopefully keep me from setting that awful woman on fire?

Any advice would me much appreciated.

Crazy Preggo with a Party Pending

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