Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PajamaJeans? OH EVEN YESSER.

With the free t-shirt!  It's totally a
booby shirt, not a crewneck.
On Tuesday, I received a belated birthday present from very dear friend and neighbor Ellen.  It was a pair of mutherf*cking PajamaJeans.  They are perhaps the best gift that anyone has ever received in the history of ever.   Kate & I have debated the merits of Pajama Jeans, and my position as pro-faux denim is well documented. But that was before I actually tried a pair on. 

Now I am an Evangelist for PajamaJeans. I have gone from being in favor of them to being like OH HELLS YEAH, go get you some.

Several of you have asked about the free-with-purchase gray crewneck t-shirt.  Crewneck, my sweet Aunt Fanny.  It's a soft and stretchy cleavage scoop-neck and It. Is. Awesome.

Per the request of some curious people on Facebook, here are some pictures of me in my fine new garments (also with no make-up or anything so please be kind in the comments section).  I am wearing the free t-shirt and high heels.

Why? Why is Lydia, longtime worshipper at Our Lady of the Perpetually Comfortable Footwear, wearing such blasphemously high and pointy shoes? For three* very important  reasons:

Seriously, considering how big it is
my ass doesn't look half bad
 in these things. WOOT!
1) Because they said to in the commercial.

2) Because it's so funny to me that someone would purchase these "pants" and then squeeze their feet into attractive torture devices.  Isn't being sort of fugly and comfy the whole point?  They look like jeans if you squint. And they are a huge improvement over wearing actual pajamas in public, but let's not kid ourselves.

3) Because it may be the thing that causes Kate's head to explode.  Or at least give her an eye twitch.  And the idea of her in a fashion-related frenzy of annoyance is highly amusing to me.

4) We're scheduled to back on Let's Talk Live next Thursday and I wanted to see how it looked so I could plan my outfit. Because you know I'm wearing these things on TV next week for realzies because Kate will have a seizure being seen in public with me and the hosts of the show will be like "there is NO WAY you actually just did that."

I included this photo so you could enjoy the detailed
contrast stitching on the hem.  Oh even yesser.

[*Editor's Note: That's four reasons, you stupid hooker. I thought about just correcting it from "three" to "four", but then I decided that I wanted to make you look stupid and bad at math. Also, because you made me proof a post about those "pants" and that you're wearing heels and I think I'm gonna slap you with a sandwich. Just as soon as the twitching stops. -Kate]

I love you, Pajama Jeans. And thank you so much Ellen. [Editor's Note: Yeah. Thanks, Ellen. Thank you so much. Super. -Kate] I love them.

xo, Lydia

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