Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Can't Come to the Blog Right Now...

Last week, we told you about how we *may* have turned our blog into Thanksgiving Dinner and loaded up our plate with way too much stuff. And now we're sitting at the table with kind of a stomachache and wishing we were in stretchy pants.

But for you guys, it means not one, not two, but THREE awesome offerings from our whack brains.

Over at Maternal Ammunition, Lydia put on her interviewer hat, and set out to talk to some really important, influential and wildly successful people in the blogging world. They were busy. In that they didn't want to talk to us. So we interviewed our favorite bloggers about why we aren't really important, influential and wildly successful...and how we'd really like to wake up next to Bob Newhart.

Kate put on her news-y hat to bring you Stuff That Happens in the World When We're Watching Nickelodeon. Lydia discovered that the Cap'n was very impressed when she knew about Colonel Giant Ball of Crazy, but may have pointed out that his name is something like Colonel More and More Get Off Me. But we think that sounded just wrong. How can you get *more* off?
Finally, over at Nickelodeon, Lydia has created the very handy checklist of things that shouldn't happen while you're sitting on the pot. In most houses, going to the loo is a job in of itself...but at Lydia's house, those three minutes of confined ummm, sitting just foster all kinds of notions of extracurricular co-potty'ing activities. And, true to form, the LTSs have tried them all. Lydia is still twitching. And Lysoling. And bleach...

Finally, coming up tomorrow, right here on the Mother Ship: A Full-On, Most Whack, Super Duper Top Ten List...if you can correctly guess the topic of the Top Ten based on this one answer, Kate will send you her much-hated copy of Sex & the City 2...yes, it *was* that bad.  Here's your clue:

"Daddy's breath in the morning. Whoa."

Let the guessing begin...

xoxo Kate and Lydia

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