Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids' Arts and Crafts FAIL Part 1

Last week we put out a call for people to show us their child's masterpieces.  We have been laughing ever since because the pictures you've sent us have been priceless. Here's the first installation. There will be many, many more. THANK YOU to all of you who submitted! Enjoy!

xoxo Kate and Lydia


"My then 3 year old drew this AT SCHOOL when I was 8 months pregnant with her sister. All I can think is hubby needs to shut up about his obsession with boobs and/or my prego boobs really were totally awesome.

Her teachers told me that she drew a very interesting, detailed picture that day and just smiled at me. The giant colorful blob on my lower half is apparently the baby."

"Would you be disturbed if you found this in your kid's backpack? Would you feel really stupid 5 seconds later when you realized that it actually says "Picture Puzzle?"  So glad I was the only adult around right then...."

"My 3 year old drew this last week at school - was my Mother's day present. It's supposed to be a picture of me, and while rather unflattering, it is pretty damn accurate."

"My 6 year old son drew the following to prove that I am neglecting him too much by playing angry birds on the iPad. In my defense, I have four kids, all of them boys, two with ADHD. Give me my iPad and let me destroy some sh*t that I don't have to clean up. I cannot break the dishes any more since my husband replaced them with plastic trays that I swear he stole from his college cafeteria."

This is a beautifully rendered drawing of a leprechaun on a stick. Nothing else need be said.

  Stay tuned for another post later today!

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