Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids' Arts and Crafts FAIL Part 3

In case you missed them, here's Part One, and here's Part Two. Now we really DO want to see an art exhibit at the Met or something that has this stuff, and all you'd see is a bunch of moms sipping from wine boxes and snorting Pinot Noir all over the floor at every picture. These are epic.

I got called out by my son's K-4 teacher (class is at our church!) for this lovely Thanksgiving dinner art collage that they put together in class:

I dare you to look at this butterfly and not laugh! I see a penis with balls between two boobs. [Editor's Note: Yeah...we see that too. -Kate]

I think my 5 1/2 year old daughter said it all with this picture. The drawing itself is not that bad of a fail, but the description she wrote underneath it is. I'm still not sure why she had violent tendencies towards The Cat In The Hat. She and the cat are both smiling and the words she wrote are going down like the staircase! She drew this at school while they were celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday. I'm sure the teachers loved it and were not concerned at all.

Created by my 10-year old daughter after she dumped half of can of soda on my laptop and killed it:

This isn't really an art masterpiece, but I had to share it anyway.
My at-the-time  2 year old loved his magnetic letters. He played with them all the time, and could tell us their names and sounds. Luckily, he couldn't actually read or spell. (see bottom right). 
This was NOT staged, and I didn't move any of the letters. Just ran for the camera.

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  1. Well, at least my mucus is finally coming up with all the coughing I'm now doing.

    Holy Maude, this is funny!

  2. Maybe it's just me, but when I saw the wine ad in the facebook thumbnail, i thought "oh no, some kid put a photo of a rearview of someone in a thong in their collage". Nope, just a glass of wine, which IS healthy for most grown ups. Gotta love subliminal advertising,though...

  3. FYI: "Bring it, Dinosaur" is totally going to be my new battle cry.

    I laughed so hard I cried at the penis butterfly.

  4. Anonymous: I thought the same thing! Thong picture....LoL

  5. o.m.g...coconut rum just came out of my nose from laughing so hard...

  6. I don't see the thong?! Maybe I am not as dirty minded as I thought! But my kids' collages for Thanksgiving would have a boat load of liquor cuz it takes a lot to get through a family dinner at my house and if they drew what was hiding in my purse it'd be a bottle of top shelf tequila. ;o) Does the little girl making it through her punishment have a black eye or is it just me? LOL

  7. I'm a grandma and I totally see the thong. Love all these pics!

  8. Sounds like my house at Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for the giggles.

  9. these are hilarious...keep em coming! when my kid gets old enough I'll send you hers ;)

  10. These are all so funny!! I've had the fridge magnet thing happen a few times. There's also been some other interesting words show up just by my daughter moving them around. And you know, I'd probably "roll" that Cat in the Hat down the stairs too. He's always making a big ol' mess and upsetting Nick and Sally. :)

  11. That butterfly made me absolutely bust a gut! Genius!!!




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