Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kids' Arts and Crafts FAIL Part 5

We're sensing a theme here. That a lot of these drawings have a certain resemblance to a particular body part. Maybe because it's super easy to draw? Yeah, let's just go with that. Someday we can all tell our kids that they really, really liked personifying penises...

My daughter Kristina (age 3) brought this home from preschool last December, and proceeded to explained to me that her gingerbread man was pooping:

My son drew this picture, illustrating the “If you give a pig a pancake” book – I have no idea what he wrote, but I hope the sentence doesn’t match the picture.  I suppose he IS biologically correct, though…

"Ummm, it's so good, baby. Yes! I love it. Of course I can tell it's Mommy. That's totally fine that my legs sprout from my chin and my arms come from my thighs. Oh, and I'm screaming? OK. Wait -- did you sneak in Mommy and Daddy's room the other night? Crap."

Here is something my 6 year old created over the Christmas break – it’s no penis horse, but I am sure you’ll appreciate it just the same. I came upon it while cleaning the playroom. What’s worse? That he knows the lyrics to a dirty old song or that he actually likes big butts? Hayden, age 6 – LYRICAL Genius. Such a proud mommy moment ;-)

This is a “caterpillar” that my 3 year old daughter drew at a restaurant one night:

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