Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids' Arts and Crafts FAILS Part 2

This picture is Lydia's favorite. It is called "Bring it, Dinosaur."

This is a picture of me drawn by my (then) 6 year old, after I got angry and sent her upstairs on a time out. Contrary to what the picture will have you believe, I am NOT flipping my daughter off. According to her, I am pointing upstairs and yelling at her to go on a time out. But that IS steam coming out of the top of my head. I LOVE this picture.


My daughter created this family portrait for an art project at school. I think it is TERRIFYING. I'm in the upper right.... In real life I don't have a bald spot.

"What is David drawing?" What, indeed, is David drawing?

 My first grader needs a little help with spelling....

[Editor's Note: Oh my Maude...I died with this one. Read the end: "...if I met a hores, I would ride it." Dead. -Kate]

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