Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kids' Arts and Crafts FAILS Part 6: The Non-PC Gallery

Happy once drew a picture that was Kate with red stabby lines coming out of her eyes and a gash through her throat. She was a little worried. Then Happy said the red parts were because he couldn't find black to do her eyelashes and that the lines are her neck were the pair of necklaces she wears.

Sometimes a picture, even one that might make us raise our eyebrows, is just a picture. We happily present the oddities of art:


I saw this piece at my son's school. Ummm...I tried to find his mother to ask her about it but couldn't:

[Editor's Note: Seems to me they're magical...they land, and walk away. Or, get into that handy getaway car. -Kate]

We were driving, and the kids were drawing in their sketch books. Our eight year old daughter loves horses and draws them all the time. When we saw this particular drawing though, we laughed. and laughed harder. and had tears. To her, one horse is standing next to another horse that is rearing. To us, there's a whole lot more "Wild horse action" going on!

So, Timmy? You have a new brother, right?

Hudson brought home his science project he made at school. This was a drawing from the book. Awesome.

My 5 year old son designed an outfit for his fluffy toy monkey out of white photocopy paper and presented it proudly to his dad and I. Whilst we applaud his artistry and creative expression, how do we break it to him that this outfit is, correct and also totally horrifyingI swear we are a very nice, racially tolerant, open, accepting family.  Dear God, please believe that...

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  1. I love the wild horses :P Hilarious!! Frighteningly, the one with the buildings gave me the distinct impression of the WTC on 9-11.... Of course that could be because I live not too far from there and that day is forever etched in my mind. HOWEVER, I *am* sure that was not the intention of the artist and I like Kate's take on it!! Thanks for the laughs, ladies! It's always much needed in the land of parenting (even if only in addition to the laughter our children provide) ;)

  2. I'm sure that last family is racially tolerant.... the monkey however seems to have issues.

    Love it!

  3. That last one brought tears of laughter to my eyes. AWESOME.

  4. Maybe that monkey is a Spanish Catholic...

  5. In spite of myself I'm howling at the monkey. Hiding behind the Klan hat and all!!

  6. I love the look of pure innocence on his face...

  7. BWAHAHAHA!! I gotta know if the "wild horse" family is from Wyoming? Cuz I see that all the time on my way to work! I could, however tell it wasn't what it looked like because any child ever seeing horses do the deed would certainly not skip over drawing the anatomy because a Stallion's anatomy is blatantly obvious even when they're not mating.

  8. (Raises hand) I'm Mom of the Wild Horses artist. We're from Saskatchewan Canada, an she has a pony, we're around horses all the time. When she was drawing with Grandma recently, she did draw the horses anatomically correct, and told Grandma she forgot to. Fortunately, Grandma thought it was all very amusing!

    I have loved this series!




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