Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Tribute: We Love A Man in Uniform

There are one and a half million men and women who put on a uniform every day. Add in the reserves, and that's another one and half million.

Three million people. And they all freakin' volunteered to do it. To be away from their families. To get sent to God knows where. To fight for freedom and love of country.
And there is ONE thing that makes that possible. That amazing group of moms and wives and dads and husbands that stay home and read stories and take kids to school and fix the meals and run the errands and pay the electricity bill and never whine about what they have to do or what they are giving up while their loved one gives everything to everyone else. They just put on their big kid pants and do it. You guys make it look easy. And it ain't. And we don't thank you enough. THANK YOU. For your hard work. For your incredibly huge and difficult sacrifice. For letting us borrow - and God willing, return - your treasure. In a sea of uniforms, you can spot that one face that belongs to the love of your life. We pray you get to see that face really soon. Memorial Day is yours, too and we honor you.

Besides, we totally love watching the serious PDA that happens when they get back. We high-five and giggle over the smoochies that mean that Afghanistence is nearly over. And we ugly cry when we see kids reunited with their parents.

For every one man and one woman who puts on that uniform - with pride and honor and love of this country - there is a mom and a dad, a brother and a sister, a son and a daughter, a husband and a wife - who gives them a kiss goodbye, says a prayer, and sends them into the world. The treasure of this great country, gift wrapped for the world in fatigues, dress whites, green berets and navy blue.

And, oh, don't they look just yummy in them? Is there not something about seeing someone at the airport or somewhere in those I-have-muscles-in-places-you-can't-even-imagine uniforms with the spit shine shoes or those jacked up Timberland-boots-on-steroids. Damn. And let's not forget about the hair, all high and tight and even their skulls are muscle-y. How do they even do that?

Half a world away, there's people who hate us and people who need us. And our guys and gals go out and face one and help the other. And, then they come home...or they don't. And to those that do, welcome home. We love you and thank you. And for those who don't, every day - but especially today - we thank you, your family, and we miss you terribly.

Be safe out there. Come home soon. God speed.

Love, Kate & Lydia

PS...grab a hankie.

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  1. Thank you.
    Mine is over there right now and I'm home with our three kiddos. The night before he left, my six year old daughter said to me, in a voice that was working to convince herself this was true, "Daddy has to go because it's more important for him to be there to protect us than for him to be home to play with me." I didn't know what to say to that. Yes. And no.

  2. As a military spouse whose husband is currently serving overseas, I want to thank you for this post. They do look good in uniform, don't they?

  3. That's a lovely sentiment, ladies, and I thank you for recognizing the sacrifice that our service members go through, as well as the sacrifice their families make. But Memorial Day isn't about them. This would be a perfect Veteran's Day post. Today is about those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Today is a day to remember just what the price of freedom really is.

  4. These men and women are heroes.I salute them - leaving behind such love must be the hardest and most painful thing to do. And they do it with open hearts and the freedom of their country in their minds. God bless each and every one of them.

  5. Lovely post. And I can't watch the video because I will cry ugly. Those pieces get me every time.

  6. I was ugly crying 26 seconds in. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for sharing that beautiful video.

  8. UGH, I wrote my comment and then forgot to wait for the CAPTCHA! So gonna para-phrase it.

    I have a cousin who's career military and has the best.wife.ever. He has been deployed about 90% of their marriage and re-assigned at least 20 times that I can think of. Our military is made up of men, women, and children and a lot of people don't stop to think about that. Today is the day I think, to really think about it. Not to discredit those like my cousin who fight for our liberties in any way shape or form because he's also a rock star!!

  9. As a military spouse contemplating what to blog today, I just wanted to say thanks. For us, luckily, hubby's home this time, as we're getting ready to move (again) -- it's been kind of a run of the mill getting things done day off work. Thanks for reminding me what else today is about. I know that even while he's out hauling heavy stuff around (showing the muscles off), he hasn't forgotten about those who he's known who don't get to come home to the privilege of moving one more time... Thanks.

  10. I disagree that this post isn't for Memorial Day. Yes, Memorial Day is meant to recognize those who have died in service to our country. But it is important to remember that our service members put their lives on their lines every day, and could sadly very easily join the fallen we celebrate. There is never a day when we should forget those who serve us selflessly and their families, even while honoring those who have fallen. It shouldn't take a holiday for us to remember them all. Thanks for this great post ladies

  11. Oh, this was BY FAR the best post on honoring our servicepeople I've read.

    Tears in my eyes..THANK YOU!

  12. so not fair...I cried all over myself through the whole thing! God bless our troops.

  13. I can always count on you ladies to do something awesome like this. Prior Army myself, currently an Army spouse... I love this post, but I agree it's more for Veteran's Day. Memorial Day isn't about all military members, it's about those who have fallen on the field of battle. My son is named in honor of two of our friends we lost in Iraq, one of whom was fighting alongside my husband. While I whole-heartedly appreciate this sentiment, I don't want thanks on Memorial Day. What I do is easy. He came home. Many did not and this day is for them and those they left behind.

    We celebrate Memorial Day by visiting a military cemetery, bowing our heads, and shedding tears for everyone there. We find a military parade. We sing our anthem and stare at those red stripes. We observe a moment of silence. We sing loud and proud at attention when the "Army Song" marches by. We spend time as a family... completely thankful for being together while so many others are not, and never will be. Then when the kids are in bed the hubby and I toast our friends and tell stories about them... and cry AGAIN. It is a solemn day and I wouldn't change it. I can't NOT honor my fallen brothers and sisters in arms. Don't thank me today. I love you ladies, but I don't want your thanks on Memorial Day.

  14. My sentiments exactly, Allie. Well said!

  15. Thank you Allie for that clarification.

    And the video was too much!...OMG, the dogs coming and pouncing the, big tears there!

  16. I also appreciate the sentiment, and while it is better suited for Veteran's Day, it is still a nice post. Not everyone knows someone who was lost overseas, but almost everyone knows someone who has served over there. So in this way, we honor the people we know who have made sacrifices for our way of life and our country.

    I do have to say that as an Army wife, my job is most definitely not easy, even though my husband came home the first time, and I anticipate his return this time, too. I have three kids under the age of three. His first deployment before we had kids was easy, but this one is damn hard. I had twins at his 5 month mark of his deployment. He got to be there, which was wonderful, but now he's missing out on all those awesome baby things and all the crazy stuff the 2 year old does, too. And I'm pretty much about to lose my mind. We have about three and a half months until he comes home. I hope I still have some hair left.

  17. This is a great post, and this Army Wife very much appreciates it.

    Especially the part about the muscle-y skulls. Cause that was awesome!

    We just got through our second year long deployment, with four kids. And look, I can still spell and type and everything!

    God Bless our service men and women.




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