Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Postcards from Kate: The Roadtrip #3

Kate has been working waaaaaaay too much in the past week. Which means two things: one, she'll be able to buy one or two groovy pairs of shoes in the next week or so; and two, that maybe if you see something on the news that doesn't seem quite right, it might be her fault.

However, the super lack of sleep deprivation might also account for her even more whack postcards. And with this particular one, Lydia kinda had to worry...notice the "...& GUN" part of this postcard? Ummm, she didn't go in there, did she? And, you know, buy anything? Please say there's a waiting period...

Subject Line: HOLY CRAP!

E-mail message: You mean I can get dinner AND a haircut in the same place? Epic.

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