Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Postcards from Kate: The Roadtrip #3

Kate has been working waaaaaaay too much in the past week. Which means two things: one, she'll be able to buy one or two groovy pairs of shoes in the next week or so; and two, that maybe if you see something on the news that doesn't seem quite right, it might be her fault.

However, the super lack of sleep deprivation might also account for her even more whack postcards. And with this particular one, Lydia kinda had to worry...notice the "...& GUN" part of this postcard? Ummm, she didn't go in there, did she? And, you know, buy anything? Please say there's a waiting period...

Subject Line: HOLY CRAP!

E-mail message: You mean I can get dinner AND a haircut in the same place? Epic.

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  1. Out near the college I went to, there was a business on the side of the road called "Family Barber Bait and Tackle Shop". I sincerely hope it was just a bait shop run by a family named Barber, but I suspect that might not be the case....

  2. I totally hope someone recognizes Kate down there and gives her a big hug from me. :-)

  3. There's a drive-thru liquor store in south central Georgia that also sells guns and knives. What's not to like about a place where you can drive up, buy booze and get a gun? Seems harmless...

  4. DAMN, Eunice! That place has EVERYTHING!!

    Did you notice the disembodied jaw flying through the window? Is that where you shop for spare teeth?

    Not to mention, the hi-falutin fashion?
    "Whadja ketch?"
    "Dunno. Lemme check mah shirt."

    AND it's only $100 to park real close up, for those quick get-aways.

    Will Kate be replacing her t-boxes with Pabst Blue Ribbons now?

    Maude'a'mighty. This would be an epic road trip.

  5. we used to have a taxidermy shop in my little town, and it had a bait machine outside. you know, a reformed pepsi machine that spat nightcrawlers and other vile-wretched things that only fish will eat.

  6. It always cracked me up that there were drive through liquor stores in the South. Lived in Richmond for a while and saw them in NC a couple times.

  7. There is a shop between Sacramento and Redding Ca named Liquor, Guns and Bait. I haven't yet worked up the nerve to stop there.

  8. Have you ever heard the country song by Trent Willmon that talks about a one-stop shop that is everything from a cleaners to a bait shop and anything in between? He wasn't kidding. Those places really exist. You just can't make up something like that.




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