Thursday, May 19, 2011

Postcards from Kate: The Roadtrip #4

Well, it looks like Kate is re-entering civilization...or at least isn't in places where you can get both a weapon and chum. But we totally give you guys super duper Spy Skills Bonus Points for knowing where she was so quickly...she'll have to go somewhere more whack next time. Though, if she does, there's a chance she'll come back with a pet crocodile and a second set of ears.

Subject Line: I'm so going in here for dinner...

Email message: "Look at you. You're getting so thin. Who feeds you? Sit. Sit down. Did you wash your hands? Here. I made you a nice big warm bowl of Why-Don't-You-Ever-Call-Me-Anymore?"

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  1. Jew Ma!!!
    Excellent mimosas, fantastic sandwiches, good food all around. Lots of beer to choose from.
    What what Virginia Beach!

  2. No way! Well, that restaurant SHOULD be by the oceanfront in my town, but it was just demolished and moved down the road to Norfolk. I hope she's enjoying Hampton Roads! She should send you a picture of the park made from a former landfill - Mount Trashmore is definitely worth a postcard pic. :)

  3. Seriously though, if she's in town for a little while, she should join us for a Stroller Strides class at Trashmore. We're HUGE fans! No strollers necessary, and we'd totally give Jillian a run for her money. :)

  4. <3 <3 <3 I know exactly where that is. I grew up eating there and used to color on the walls. Unless that's the new one not the one at the beach.

  5. That place is awesome!! Oh I miss Virginia!

  6. Memories...the location in Williamsburg burned down while I was in college. Twas a great music venue and hangout spot.

  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL talk about that place! They had the best sandwiches, and I miss them so. Maybe it was more that time in my life that I miss, rather than the sandwich. Though they had hella good pickles.....

  8. The one at Hilltop is open as well.

  9. Ah ha! Virginia! I used to live in in that area! I couldn't be further from it now (I live in Italy!) I hope Kate is having a good time. Yes and even yesser go to Mount Trashmore if you can, it is amazing what they did with other peoples trash! I actually took part in the year 2000 photograph there, never got my copy though!

  10. Well, ladies, thanks for the info. I am moving to Hampton Roads next month and now I know where to eat and that I can go to the Mount Trashmore ( I was trying to figure out where that name came from, I can't say I am impressed now that I know. EWWW) and stride with some Mommy friends!

  11. I ate there 15 years ago when we vacationed with my family and it is still one of the best places I've ever eaten. They serve bagel chips with guacamole. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER.




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