Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watcha Been Doin'?

Hello and welcome to the weekly post where we tell you all things we've been doing while we weren't here.  Kate's been working 20 hour days.  That's not a joke.  We're not even sure she's still alive.   Lydia, meanwhile, has been running around trying to take care of a million details related to her house being in total disorder and the fact that they will be moving soon.  That means she has to get organized.  It's not going to be pretty as the only thing that's a bigger trainwreck than her fashion choices is her house.

Last weekend on Facebook and Twitter, we asked for suggestions about cheap and fun kids birthday parties.  You gave us a ton of great ideas so this week at Maternal Ammunition, we wrote about all the different types of birthday parties kids like.  We gave our thoughts on the best and worst parts of each kind of party.  Be sure to let us know if we left anything out.

Also, on the subject of birthdays, Lydia took her son and one of his friends to Chuck E Cheese on his birthday.  Thus far, no one has contracted Ebola from the hamster tubes. Yet.

On Parents Connect, we gave advice to people.  Don't laugh. They told us to.  Actually, they paid us to.  Our husbands were like, "You would think Nickelodeon would have some sort of screening process... Obviously not."  Usually, when the Cap'n and McLovin make ridiculous statements like that, we just roll our eyes and go back to solving crime and keeping the world safe from terrorists. And rogue Hello Kitty agents. They're scary. What? It is possible, however, that they're right this time and Nickelodeon won't ask us to write anymore advice columns, since Kate basically advocated stealing other people's dogs and setting fires. [Editor's Note: I totally blame my actions on the fact that I might be dead. -Kate]

We'd also like to share with you a couple of things that our readers have taught us this week.  Thank you so much for always sharing the awesomeness with us.  Here goes:

Junderpants: When jeans and leggings and underpants are combined to make something horrifying. Oh even yesser, these badboys are real. 

Read more about it at Jezebel, the brilliant folks from whom we borrowed this photo.
The Better Marriage Blanket: This product is also real.  We're not sure what we thought this blanket could do to improve a marriage, but blocking stink was not it.  Basically, if you or your husband are guilty of "embarrassing nighttime odors" -- what does that even mean?? -- this blanket will make it all better.

The only reason we could justify this blanket would be if your husband really enjoyed giving you the old Dutch Oven.  So you could get this blanket and then be like, "F*CK YOU, GAS-BAG! THAT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!"

OH! An important message about your children's masterpieces!!
If you have an awesome kid's arts and crafts FAIL - we want to see it.  Today, Lydia found this missive (penned by her 7 year old daughter) under the sofa.  She then showed it to her six year old son who shrugged and said: "You see why that's funny, right?"

There's a really good chance that Kate and Lydia maybe got sent to Jupiter *by mistake* when they were kids...hey, maybe our Super Spy Skills ARE working. Sweeeeeeet.

xo, Kate & Lydia

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