Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Busier Than Bees AND Beavers...

Welcome back to your weekly post where we tell you what we've been doing while we weren't here and link you up to all the stuff we posted on the old interweb that wasn't here.

Kate continues to work more hours than an indentured servant except that she does in mortgage payment shoes and car payment hair.  And while she does get to eat lunch with other adults and pee alone, she is also reaping the rewards of total exhaustion and children who are grateful and appreciative for all the hours she is spending away from home.  By "grateful and appreciative" we, of course, mean petulant and pissy.

Meanwhile, at Lydia's house...  The Cap'n and Lydia continue to look for houses and their idea "move-in ready" is proving to be so widely divergent that there may soon be a regrettable incident at an open house. Also, please raise your hand if you're aware that buying or selling a house is a stress-drenched part-time job that at times is as much fun as a root canal?  Please note that Lydia did not raise her hand because she did not realize that and also because she's an idiot.

However, Lydia's mom came to visit this week and they ate Peking Duck and watched Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth.  Not actually with him.  He was in it.  In any case, Lydia is winning this week because poor Kate does nothing but work all day and then come home and work there on things like dinner and homework and laundry until the kids are in bed and then she has to go to bed because her alarm goes off at 4:30 am.

Speaking of which...Dear Alarm Clock people, Can you please devise a Smart Alarm Clock that can differentiate between the kind of waking up would be best at a particular hour of day? Like, if it's 8:57am on a school day, maybe a shrieking one that bounces around the room going "GAH! Three minutes until school! What were you thinking? Get up! Get up!" But if I'm forced to wake up right in the middle of the freakin' night because of a job, I'd love for my alarm to commiserate. "Hi Kate...sorry sweetie. It's time. I know you're super tired, but I'll play a little Chopin or something, OK? Now, make sure you actually wake up or the next alarm will be 'Hey Mickey!' and you know you're not getting that out of your head any time soon." [Editor's Note: Super. Now I have that song in my're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey --dun dun dun-dun - Hey Mickey! You're totally welcome.  -Kate]

But enough about us! Over at Parent's Connect, Lydia suggested some alternate names for "Terrible Two's" as they have been kicking her ass pretty hard for the last few months. Of course, something happened this week and now Lydia is terrified that three may be worse.  What is  your opinion on this - is three worse than two?

For Maternal Ammunition, we posted a (reworked, punched up, super funny and totally improved from last year) Top Ten Reasons Why Memorial Day Weekend Is Not Fun For Moms

And, from the inbox this week. Oh my Maude the stuff you girls find...

First, we're going to Istanbul! That's right! Get your...ummm, Turkish [Turkish, right? Stupid geography] stuff packed and bring an empty suitcase, because they have an entire store just for us!

And, in homage to MiniMiniMe's angelic personality, look what Lauri made for her daughter's birthday...though we're still wondering when our delivery is showing up. Oh, Lauri! We're huuuuuungryyyyy...

Oh good Maude. Maybe you thought they were only for women? No Here are some charming Junderpants pour homme. We're sorry about your eyes. And we're still wondering how the "dude" on the left has such an hourglass-y waistline...and has shaved...and now we're starting to think that's just a sock there.

And, finally, just in case the words weren't enough, here you go:

Like we said. You're welcome.

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